The strange appeal of Fibonacci spiral shaving


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That doesn’t look quite like a Fibonacci spiral…

It looks like a logarithmic spiral, but not specifically in the Fibonacci ratio.


I thought this was going to be about beard styles.


Myself, I was thinking a negative design shaved into the scalp when I read the headline.



one stroke here, one stroke there, two over yonder, three next to that, five under the chin, eight for the cheeks and sideburns and… done!


No, they had spirals of many different ratios, which leads me to believe somebody doesn’t know what Fibonacci means, except it sounds cool.


Is that the Alternative-Factonacci spiral? No fibbin’!


A Fibonacci spiral is a mathematically defined thing, and this is not that. It’s still cool and pretty though. Just don’t give it a false name.


FWIW Visual triggers are already well recognized in the ASMR community. The one’s I’ve seen most are hand motions, moving lights, and “face” touching.


Hurricane Fibonacci


nature is amazing




I agree. And I’ve (sadly) many times read that sentiment as nature SANS humans.


It’s so obvious now. that’s the Fibbin’ Nazi spiral.


Sometimes at night if my mind is too busy to sleep I will do the Fibonacci math 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5 … etc. till I can relax. By 6865 I am usually out. Yes I know the answers but it is doing the math and all the steps that is calming.


I’ll bet there’s some kind of rotationally-accelerating reference frame in which these are isotopic. (“which makes these isotopic”?.. “homeomorphic”???.. damn!)


This is not directed at you but it was a reply to a comment similar to yours on YouTube. Oh YouTube!



Maybe he takes the shavings and installs them in a screen made out of them to humor the exact ratio fans.
To within a plank…yeah, well…yes I was…