This is a really neat aluminum spiral video


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“Really neat aluminum spiral video” - Xeni Jardin

“One of the year’s best aluminum spiral videos. A masterwork.” - atl


“I laughed, I cried, It was better than Cats” – O_B_M


I’m not ready to rate it yet, check back tomorrow.


“Overcomes its inherent flatness with a surprising spiral of complex dynamic interactions” - MrK.


“A cut above the rest!” - mo


“A flat, unicursal experience.” -Local


Like stepping on wet sand at the beach and watching the water disappear… over and over.

Yeah. I’ll have another. Thanks.


I will watch it again and again…

Seriously though I totally want one of those.


That is pretty damn cool…


Why do most of the comments look like they were written by Siskel and Ebert?


Cause it’s fun.

“Capobianco’s spiral excursions into a wonderland of aluminum dreams provide a zen-like background to the contextual contrast of his moving human hand, thus demonstrating the intimate almighty continuing saga of man against man in a dog eats dog world of spiralness and all like that there.” --KXKVI

Edit: corrected quote. Boy I bet comedians wish they could go back and correct things like this.:roll_eyes:


“'K, then.”
~ Melizmatic


See how cool I am, that I didn’t even mention it, and just rolled with the joke anyway?



Eh. It was ok.


I’m getting more of a Peter Travers vibe.


“I laughed, I cried, it was better than Spiral.” – AJ


“Whoa.” - Me, and Keanu Reeves

Was there some kind of purpose for this, aside from looking cool? Not that that isn’t reason enough, mind you. Just wondering if this was an accidental discovery or a deliberate design feature.


You might have heard London’s Big Ben clock tower is getting refurbished over the next 4 years. They had to take the winding spring out and check it.


I think it would be fun to manipulate, seeing as it stays where you put it (due to gravity & friction with the table top). But I wonder what it would be like out in space, with no gravity or friction to hold it in place, plus no air currents. I suspect it would act like a spring with a lot of different oscillation modes. It would go boingboing a lot, as it were. Hmm, maybe on my next trip to Mars.


“The mesmerizing soundtrack will stick with you. Hypnotic. Cchhsshh cchh ccchhhh” -thisismydisaster