Delta flight to China turned around midway because new Covid cleaning rules "not viable"

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Nonsense. Mum finally made good on her threat - “if you don’t behave, the pilot will turn around the plane!”


The pilot was all like if we have to clean _______________ then their going to find my _______________. thank god I fly for delta no one expects actual service from us right ?
in other news deltas new slogan is 'getting you back home or at least where you came from "


So, an airline can say “Sorry, we can’t make enough profit off of you on this flight, let’s turn this thing around.” Seems like legally a ticket should get you to where you are going.

Airlines are evil.


Profit come first, safety second.


Particularly because they validated one’s ticket at boarding. Hold up your end of the bargain.


Another case of more to the story…

Be interesting to see what that is as the lawsuits file in.


Oh ■■■■■ that noise. There’s a lot to complain about airlines but that isn’t it.

That’s for ~16 million flights per year.


I’d think it would be a lot more expensive for the extra fuel and ticket refund costs involved in turning around than to pay a crew to clean the plane and maybe delay the schedule to get the job done… weird choice.


That’s assuming that was the real issue. But a few other articles speculated that the extra 3 hours on the ground would require the crew to layover in China due to federal rules about time in the air. Another article suggested this was not a non stop, it had a stop in Korea where another crew would take over. Another article said an anonymous airport employee said noting changed as far as requirements in the last few days. Granted, those were from foreign translated news sources so who knows what’s accurate.

With short staffing there could have been a domino effect that might just cost them a ton of money.

I don’t think we’ll know the actual reason until lawsuits start happening.


That’s stats for crashes, not infections.


It’s BS. Airlines have been flying empty planes all during the pandemic and eating the cost just to keep airport slots. They can afford a little delay here and there.

Anybody remember the BILLIONS in COVID relief money they received?


i heard this morning on npr, in some cases instead of using the covid money so people could keep their jobs, airlines used it to “buyout” staff: paying them to quit. saving themselves some dollars while violating the intent of the law

and while im sure there are staffing shortages right now - partially of their own doing - im also sure airlines booked planes they never intended to fly


Maybe it was the beginning of this:


DH and I planned to go to Mexico in January because one of our long time friends was getting married there. Now, with the omicron variant tightening travel rules all over, we’re worried about getting there and back again. We already had one carrier change a flight on us; fortunately, it gave us a longer layover rather than make connections impossible, but between flights being randomly shuffled and the COVID testing rules changing yet again, I’m starting to worry hard.


We just got back from a two-week trip to Italy and the timing turned out to be exactly right (but soooo open to being wrong). Omicron started up right when as left here, but the EU tightened their laws to Super Green Cards so every museum/cafe/etc. wanted to see three full valid shots only (and carefully screened). The US changed to rapid tests one day before returning so that looked difficult but our hotel concierge scored us appointments. Then Delta (and the other carriers) starting crapping out, but our flights were all good, and even early(!). By the time we flew home Italy was starting to really light up and we feel like we dodged ALL the bullets.

Bonus: Italy was (of course) totally amazing and due to the combo of off-season, holidays, and Omicron incoming, we sailed through places that would normally be packed with people. We got super lucky.


If the flight had taken off from or been destined for the EU, those passengers would be entitled to some cash money.


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It really doen’t help that the newspaper articles fail to mention

  • The flight number
  • The date

Pretty basic pieces of information in my estimation

Flight DL 287 departed Seattle using an Airbus 330-900 on December 21, 2021 at 23:09 local time. Based on flight tracker site FlightAware, DL 287 was ‘diverted’ on December 22, 2021.

Seattle to Incheon and thence to Shanghai.

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