Delta passenger's dog found safe after missing at the airport for three weeks

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Two days after Maia went missing, a Delta representative contacted Rodriguez to share unfortunate news. “He said that she was being transported (to the plane) on the runway, and staff had opened her kennel, and she had escaped into the middle of the runway,” Rodriguez told CNN.

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As a former baggage handler I would never, ever, ever transport my dog in the cargo hold of a plane. Beside the risk of mishandling (like this one), it is incredibly loud on the tarmac and very stressful for the dog. Air pressure also seems to have an impact as well. I remember unloading a poor dog that had blood streaming from its ears. When I take my dogs on a trip, we take the car and make it a fun adventure.


Poor pupper. I’m sure those sad eyes were filled with joy when she was reunited with her human.


The Dominican Republic is an island… kind of hard to drive to California from there… She’d at least need to get into the country.

And it seems like she did not have a choice, because she was sent to a detention center and could not bring her dog with her for the night.

But sure, ideally, driving with your pet is better. But given the entire situation, that doesn’t seem like it’s her fault.

I do agree that pets shouldn’t be put in the hold. If one needs to fly, the pets should be onboard with their owners.


It also seems the only cruise line available is Cunard’s Queen Mary II, which will take up to 24 (?) pets onboard to stay in their kennel.

I wish somebody would have an airline exclusively for folks who want to fly with their pets. If I could afford it, I’d certainly buy a separate ticket for my pet if I could be on an animals flight.


Sorry, but I need to see a video of their reunion before I believe this story.

(Really I just want to see another heartwarming dog-excited-to-see-human-friend video.)


If the Saudis can do it…


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The situation is definitely not her fault. The airline is 100% on the hook for this situation.


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If you want to bring your dog or cat into Australia, the rules are pretty tight

  • Must be transported with a Pet company in the plane hold
  • Must fly
  • Must go directly to the Quarantine centre in Melbourne for 11 days, regardless of where you live in Australia
  • No visitation to the Quarantine centre.

If you are coming from a country that is not considered rabies free, you also need to do multiple treatments over 6 months before you can get the permit for them to travel.

Even taking our cat out of Australia was a lot of paperwork. We were flying to Japan so although we could transport her directly on the same plane as us, she still needed to travel in the hold. But at least we knew she was close by the whole time.


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