Deluxe edition of Philip K. Dick’s Ubik

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That looks good, especially the illustrations. And I guess Folio Society does a lot of this kina thing so I’m optimistic.

Sometimes, though, these internet-borne deluxe editions can have issues. Like, I pre-ordered an Earthsea “complete works” edition, and the illustrations are good and all, but the proportions and margins are badly thought out for the number of pages, making it physically uncomfortable to read, and the dustjacket is just an abomination, inexplicably folded over like a textbook protector so that it’s all rouched up at the edges. I think the moral is, don’t assume fancy editions will actually be of high quality if they’re sold mainly online.

I know I’m in the minority here. And I know I may regret it when I lose all my DRM protected ebooks when Amazon collapses. However, I’m pretty much fully ebook right now. Maybe because I don’t have a nightstand light to read by :wink: But mostly because I read from all my various devices wherever I am.

On the other hand, I think I need the Man in the High Castle book they produced!

Hopefully they’ll do others. Valis and Timothy Archer would be nice. Heck, throw in Divine Invasion while we’re at it for a triumvirate, trifecta or one of those “tri” words.

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