Democrats propose making it illegal for telcos to shut off internet service in a pandemic

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Democrats also propose $50 monthly discounts with low-income broadband fund


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The bill has a long way to go in the Republican-controlled Senate, however.

Between their worship of their corporate gods and their desire to cut poor and working people off from access to reputable information from the government, Turtle Man and his cronies are going to do everything they can to kill it.


And after the emergency is over, would they be prevented from dropping a bill on their customers that collects on every month they missed payments while demanding payment in full at that time? I see they are getting subsidized, but when has any corporation ever been given free money and then decided to reign in their greed?



Anyone have an idea what the on-going cost of providing high speed internet would be for a company?

Once they have 100 houses wired up and running, if half stop paying, what is the actual expense? If the equipment is in place and functional there’s power, some heightened maintenance, what else? Are there traffic-based expenses?

I would think sales, equipment, and installation would be the major expenses, which are already sunk.


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ISPs have to connect to other ISPs. When two ISPs have roughly the same amount of traffic to/from each other it tends to be free peering. When the load is unequal each asserts the other needs them more and should pay. Normally someone wins that argument and money changes hands. Nontrivial money.

Cable companies tend to be very unequal, they have a lot of consumer traffic, and consumer traffic tends to download way more than upload. Cable companies also (tend to) build their infrastructure to support higher download speeds than upload which makes it hard for the numbers to equal out if customers start doing a lot of outbound traffic (like video traffic!).

Truck rolls are expensive. Bandwidth to other ISPs is expensive. Maintenance can be expensive. Tech support isn’t anywhere near the same level of expensive, but it isn’t cheep.

Also I haven’t worked for an ISP for 15+ years, so this info may be a bit dated.

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