Denver tv station owns flat earther convention in tweet




“They’ll come from all corners of the globe.”

Wait, what do these people call Globalists?


Conspiracy nuts in general make me uncomfortable but flat earthers make me despair for the future of our species. How they get to a flat earth is just incomprehensible and I can’t even begin to imagine how or why or … I just can’t. Most of those “theories” have at least a small grain of truth in them, it’s part of why they’re sort of believable if you squint really hard. Flat earth however is just insanity, I can’t put it any other way.


That other less stupid conspiracy?


I call them spanners… :wink:


My granddad used to have a sign in his garage that said Mind your spanners, put your tools away. :grinning:


Shape-shifting Reptilians :lizard:


In the current fashionable trend I fear you’re right.


Philatelists? No, wait, that’s not right.


Maybe, if you huff like, a whole can of Krylon primer first.


They come here in flying saucers from their lair at the center of the hollow flat earth :fearful:


Do they have any shades that aren’t so obvious? (Asking for a butthead friend.)


Son, Huff comes in enumeratous differnt culrz and shadez



Well, globalists usually means (((globalists))) and flat earthers’ tend to be huge anti semites for some reason, so with that in mind, you should have a decent idea.


Seems to be an unfortunate theme right now.


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