Dupes gather at sold-out Flat Earth International Conference

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For now :slight_smile:


Denying the Earth is flat is still socially acceptable and is even capable of rounding up large groups of mentally defective “humans” to share their unnerving beliefs.
wait a minute, shouldn’t it be denying the earth is SPHERICAL?


Of course! It make much more sense that magnetic north is a point, while magnetic south is a ring thousands of miles in circumference. Oh, and obviously all of those land masses in the Southern hemisphere are actually much farther apart than we think they are, but don’t seem to take any longer to sail between for some reason that I’m sure is much more logical than a spherical planet.


Does any of this have anything to do with Terry Pratchett’s Disc World.* Also of interest, were any of these genius attendees graduates of trump university? Terry Pratchett’s world I’d love to visit, the trumpanzees, no not one goddam bit would I get close.

Disclaimer: just kidding


Man, I don’t know anymore. They whole world seems crazy these days, so it wont surprice me if I am ridiculed for believing that the earth is round in the near future :slight_smile:


Not anymore, trump changed it because he heard that Obama thinks the world is a sphere.


Definitely. Going to have to ping my cousin and warn her not to fall off.


Mightn’t this be one of those cases where pointing fingers to laugh serves as a promotional tool for something that would quietly wither and die if it was just ignored? Granted, this has been circulating in its current form for at least a couple of months now, but surely it’s not too late?

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I personally love that their map (and reason for the Antarctic ‘Wall’ is based on the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection. PROJECTION

You only need a projection if you’re trying to map a damn sphere onto a flat surface.


I’m sure Flat-Earthers believe that they’re morally correct, even if not physically.


Flying back home from Europe yesterday, this was the route my plane took:

Clearly a conspiracy by the airlines to advance the Liberal Spherical Earth Agenda.


This especially is a big reason I don’t get flat earthers - soooo many industries would have to be in on this conspiracy - and for what??


says the stationary earth is a flat disk with Antarctica as a barrier to prevent people from falling off

It also keeps the white walkers from getting us, at least it did until that ice dragon took it down.

I do wonder how they “know” it’s a flat disc vs. a flat square or a hexagon or a puzzle piece. And what is on the other side. How thick is it. Is it NY style thin or Chicago deep dish style. So many questions so little time.


What do you reckon that, like, 99% of the attendees are reporters sent from various news agencies, and whose reports just consist of interviews with each other against a subtext of “Haw haw, check out all these dummies!”

After a couple of months covering the white house this year, I imagine covering the FEIC for a weekend would be somewhat cathartic and restorative.


I am a flat-earthist denier; there is no way these people are serious.


The reptilians want you to believe the Earth is an oblate spheroid, but I have it on good authority that it’s really an apeirogon.


I hung around in an online group of theirs for a while, that had extremely lengthy diatribes explaining everything from why gravity is a lie to how plate tectonics somehow still is a thing - there’s definitely trolls, but I think many of them are actually serious.

And yes, ‘gravity is a lie.’ Since it easily debunks most of their claims, they’ll laugh at you if you mention it. They argue that the observed effects from it are due to bouyancy (treating air as liquid and you sink to the bottom). Which is obviously nuts, but all their nonsense depends on gravity not existing.


The likelihood of a typo is directly proportional to how embarrassing it is.


I looked for some video of the event but this is all I could find:

Join Fire & Grace Church LIVE @11:00 AM CST. I have no idea what to say or do this morning. I am still trying to process and recover from an amazing time at the FEIC 2017. I just want to get to church, worship God, and see what He wants to do this morning. Who knows…we may just worship and pray for those who heard and are still hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ from the Flat Earth International Conference. There is so much going on in the Spirit and so many people needing our prayers.

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