Deposition of opioid profiteer Richard Sackler reveals his bizarre defense: definitional games and insistence that words mean their opposite

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Bit of an understatement, but Christ, what an asshole.

I wonder how much of the opioid crisis that exists is solely because of this family company, or if others would have similarly exploited this regulatory niche. Hell of a legacy.


Sackler said that he was only being polite, and that really, he planned on abandoning the plan (he didn’t abandon the plan).

He must be one of those slow planner only next to Pop Francis.

he was using “weaker” to mean “less threatening” rather than more potent.

I’d also love to see what his definition of “is” is.

That man should undergo a drug test before testifying. He seems eerily under control.


I’ve read much of the Massachusetts state civil complaint against him. Here’s an example: They sent sales people to make more than 180,000 sales calls on physicians to push Oxycontin IN ONE MONTH. Sales people would have to go through a re-education course if they didn’t constantly sell more Oxy.

Here’s another: when doctors began pushing back, saying that the lower-dose (20 to 40 morphine equivalents) were getting patients addicted, Sackler had his people instruct the salesmen to tell the doctors that was “pseudo addiction,” for which the treatment was…Wait for it, wait for it…

HIGHER DOSES OF OXYCONTIN. This is the absolute truth.

Even more than McKesson and the other giant drug pushers, Purdue Pharma caused the opioid crisis. The Sacklers are mass murderers, and Richard is the worst. He should be tried, found guilty of mass murder, and executed. He is a far more evil man than Donald Trump (words I find hard to write, but it’s true). Trump made his fake billion cheating on his taxes and borrowing money. The Sacklers made their billions by knowingly addicting people and causing widespread death.


I count myself just about completely anti-death penalty. But if there is one demographic in which the death penalty might actually be a deterrent for others, this is it. Yes your honor, I could serve on that jury. Oh yeah.


Consequences for sociopathic behaviour in the rich? Bahahahaha! Pull the other one.


When big pharma lies so outrageously to our faces about this sort of thing, its not surprising that some people decide they
must also be lying about vaccines as well.

When medicine itself suffers this kind of credibility problem, our collective mental health suffers.


I would like to extend to you a completely sarcasm-free “Welcome to Boing Boing!”
Please stick around.


There is the guillotine, but some people get upset if you suggest that.


Ever had a conversation with a junkie, looking to score? Yeah, same kind of bullshit.

Mr Sackler needs an intervention.

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This is why the “War on (certain kinds of) Drugs” is doomed to failure. Because the real drivers of it are immune to any kind of consequences for their selling death to everyone who can afford it, and a lot of people who can’t.


You misspelled “conviction.”


give the government all your money to be put exclusively towards rehabilitation and education and here is a nice free room for you to stay in forever.

just trying to be positive with my words and encouraging.


People dying as result of informed corporate decisions, in the service of increased profits. Why is this ok?


Surprising those two accounts that feel so passionately about AOC appear to have no opinions on the opioid epidemic. Almost as if they were focused on a project.


I don’t. In fact, I would be happy to build it.


Translation “I am rich and powerful. Therefore my actions are justified. Why bother asking me these questions?”


If you consider Purdue Pharma not as a Drug Development firm, but as a Drug Marketing firm, it sort of makes sense:

Purdue Pharma had one exploitable asset-- they owned a patent for “once daily” packaging of opoids, The underlying drug, oxycodone, (or in the case of MS Contin, morphine), isn’t novel.

How does one exploit this sort of patent portfolio? By persuading the medical community to prescribe it for people with chronic, non cancer related pain.

Suppose the contin formula worked-- suppose that it really did defeat attempts to abuse it? Would it still be regarded as an evil force, borne of greed?


I find it impossible to believe that others would not have. Exploiting loopholes in the law is Business 101 these days.

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