New York AG finds a billion dollars that the Sacklers funneled through a single bank

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The Sacklers’ spokesapologist said “There is nothing newsworthy about these decade-old transfers, which were perfectly legal and appropriate in every respect.”

I’m sure they were, but all this shows is that the Sacklers knew the jig was up a long time before the opioid epidemic started hitting the mainstream press.


I don’t eat food that’s rotten to the core.
But never mind, we’ll find other uses.


This is why you need to put people like this behind bars, not just give them a fine.


Pitchforks and guillotines, people. Pitchforks and guillotines.


We were sitting around after the Sackler story on the Daily Show, trying to think of punishments medieval enough; it got pretty dark - well into Ramsay Bolton territory. When the suggestion “burning at the stake, as the Superbowl Halftime Show” actually got a laugh, we decided to shut it down for the good of our souls.

But, honestly, the “Vietnam War” comparison really does show how over-the-top evil this was; it really is hard to find words to express the outrage.


No deep enough hole exists to bury the Sacklers in, So say I.


Let’s shoot them into the sun with that 6500 MPH rail gun I saw the other day.


It’s also perfectly legal and appropriate for the 30 state AGs who had agreed to the deal with Purdue and the Sacklers to change their mind and go after everything now that they know the money is a flight risk.


If you include Vietnamese lives, I think that war still comes out on top both in body count and in evil. Even the tobacco companies are way ahead since they have managed to operate for such a long time.

Besides, putting him in an average US maximum security prison is way more cruel than a quick execution.


Good points, though wars have this excuse of “hand to heart, I believed I was defending South Vietnam from winding up like North Korea”…whereas what, exactly, is the excuse for opioids …

…but anyway, I write only to mention that it isn’t “him” but several just in the Sackler family - and I’m sure there’s a dozen other major investors and top executives that knew full well the price others were paying for their profits.

Alas, courts don’t sentence to max security for additional punishment, because in theory they are all humane; you only get max security for your perceived escape risk. Well, wait a minute - if a “friendly” judge would take the argument that they can afford to pay Blackwater ten million to break them out, maybe we could get them into their own special underground wing or something.

Yikes, I’m fantasizing about cruel punishments again - hopefully, The Chive has a Cat Saturday feature today. The need is desperate.

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I suspect the spin may go something like this:

Purdue has made several billion dollars over the past couple of years. To continue making money at that rate, does it really need that much capital? Let’s leave enough profits in Purdue to support R&D efforts, if any, fund marketing, cover liabilities. and keep the plants running. The rest can be distributed to the owners.

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They are pain relief. Surely, it can’t be all that bad to help people get rid of chronic pain…

I think all these superweatlhy people are great escape risks as they can easily bribe a guard or pay someone to break them out and get a new identity in some other country where they can retire in comfort.




And that’s just one bank!!!


Not enough escape velocity… but I love the notion!

You mean, they might plop into the ocean or hit a distant rock at high speed? Hrm. Maybe not so bad! :thinking:


And the Sacklers are just one of many empires based on criminally taking advantage of others. I’d like to see some portion of the money go to funding an investigative organization dedicated to rooting out similar people and abuses, and prosecuting them.