New York AG finds a billion dollars that the Sacklers funneled through a single bank

sounds like an opportunity for grifting.

then turn the Sacklers into compost.

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I can only think of the words of Hanover Fiste from the animated feature film, “Heavy Metal.”

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How I pictured the spokespologist.


Used appropriately, they are excellent for pain management.

But, those first two words are carrying a lot of weight.


New York Attorney General Letitia James


Now, Jones has filed fresh documents
Jones’s filing suggests that these offers

Are the latter 2 a typo?

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I believe I have read on boing boing an argument along the following lines.

I need medication to relieve my chronic pain.
The doctor prescribed Percocet, which contains 325 mg acetaminophen and 10 mg oxycodone.
The maximum dose of acetaminophen is 3–4 g per day, meaning that if I take enough opioids to relieve my pain, my liver will die.
The sole reason Percocet contains acetaminophen is to punish people like me. Just give me the pure stuff.


Well, isn’t that special!


Or to make sure the ones who get caught commit suicide whilst in custody.


We know that. Don’t you think we know that?


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Buying time to spend quality time hiding more assets?

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Eh. I don’t know. The Sacklers owned Purdue Pharma outright, meaning they could do what they wanted with Purdue’s finances. (the wire transfers that sound so utterly nefarious are essentially dividends.)
Filing for bankruptcy means that an outside supervisor takes control.

Wouldn’t – by necessity – anyone supervising a bankruptcy need to know the entirety of the filers’ holdings and finances?

Corporations are required to keep certain records-- records which the supervisor can inspect.

Apple paid Tim Cook $136 million last year. Why do we know this? Because Apple is a public company. and Apple’s books are disloosed to the public in the form of 10K filings, etc. A corporation which doesn’t sell stock to the public can disclose what it wants to disclose, and no more.

You might want to look into how bad a lot of the drug rehab industry is before suggesting sending the money to them.

Pain, absolutely incredible amounts of pain. Now there’s no excuse for the business practices that put opiates everywhere, but the class of drugs is desperately important. They are important enough that they are right at the beginning of the WHO essential medicines list.

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Except, in this case, they are nefarious with respect to the negotiation that is ongoing with 48 states and about 2000 cities. Holding complete ownership of Purdue Pharma makes the transaction (and the others that likely have occurred but not yet been detected) even more nefarious. It makes it clear the Sacklers are raiding the company for cash so they can get out of their responsibility for the harm they’ve caused. The NYAG isn’t accusing them of embezzlement, but rather lethally dangerous marketing practices.

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