DeSantis signs Florida's ban on lab-grown meat

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Republicans; the party of free market competition, small government, anti-regulation and not interfering with industry. Except when they need to create regulations to interfere with free market competition to protect entrenched industries.


…or score points with their conspiracy-minded (for a value of “mind”) constituents. It’s getting tough to tell if Republicans are liars, paranoid, or just stupid.


Interestingly, the bill as written doesn’t ban the research and development of lab-grown meat. It only bans the “manufacture for sale”, as well as the actual selling. That’s a tip off that this is bullshit. They’re going to go ahead and let companies continue doing research, and if it ever becomes commercially viable, you can bet this ban will be lifted. Right now, it’s not profitable, so they don’t care. If it becomes profitable, you know some rich fuck is going to want to capitalize on it and monopolize it, and at that point, Republicans in Florida will be more than happy to accommodate, I’m sure.


“Our people” = “Florida Man”


In ten years time, the cry from the GOP is ‘why does China dominate this multi billion dollar industry?’


It’s more useful to them as a conspiracy theory in the same vein as Agenda 21, “The Great Reset”, 15-Minute Cities, etc. Conspiracism is now a core election strategy for Republicans.


“Florida is fighting back against the global elite’s plan to force the world to eat meat grown in a petri dish or bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals,” DeSantis said. “We will save our beef.”


So DeSantis is calling for vat grown meat to be given away for free? Do you want Fully Automatic Carno-Communism, De Santis? 'cause, that’s how you get it.

@TinFoilHatReview It is made for the people, by the people, from the people!


Surely it’s possible to be all three.


Possible? I think it’s a requirement in the current GOP.


This is the second time this week I’ve thought of that movie.

Also in retrospect around who he became later in life… Charlton Heston being the lead in that movie is delicious irony.


Lab-grown Meat has been my nickname for DeSantis for years. It all finally comes full circle.


Yeah. Also: how the hell does that work? How is cultured meat and eating bugs achieving an authoritarian goal, and what is the goal? I know the claim is disingenuous, but it’s not even coherent.

People like to describe them as the party of business - but they’ve confused “business” and “capital.” They’re frequently anti-business, as it turns out, when those businesses might disrupt established capital.

Yeah, it’ll all come down to which way the capital falls. It’s not a viable business for the foreseeable future, so it’s a safe boogeyman. (And the state will be underwater long before it becomes an issue.)

See also: electric cars.

What’s weird to me is that the conspiracies aren’t remotely coherent, even. I guess they want to leave room for everyone to have their own version of the conspiracy, so not only are they not operating in the same reality that we are, they’re not even operating in the same reality as each other.

I really do think that triad defines the modern GOP, more than anything. It’s certainly not consistent policy or ideology.


… just a special case of the general principle that “national security” is whatever they say it is, there is no actual meaning or concept we can fact check


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You can make Soylent Green from his cold, dead hands.


“De Santis” sounds very Italian.
And, in fact, he was beaten by the Italian soft-fascist government, which some months ago passed a very similar law.

And a totally ineffective one at that, as they are soft-fascist, ignorant and stupid (but I might be repeating myself).
At least Italy is in Europe, so:

  • The law is for the moment ineffective as there is no such food for sale: it falls in the category of “novel foods” which, in EU, require an elevated standard of scrutiny before they are available to the public.
  • If the regulating EU bodies never authorize that kind of food, the law is moot.
  • If they do authorize lab grown meat, the law is going to be repealed due to EU uniformity for food rules.

Of course, the law was just a dog whistle for their voting public.


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