Ron DeSantis signs Florida's near-total ban on abortion

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Bodily autonomy for all.


More insight into why the MAGA cult wants to restrict and ultimately do away with elections. This radical minority is trying cement themselves into power…forever.


This calls for some more “why Dems should avoid talking about democracy, abortion and culture war” stuff from the centrist liberal types.

Well, unless the pundits of the zentrum are exhorting us to listen seriously to the grievances of the Know-Nothing 27% who support fascists like DeSantis. Then they’re all about “hearing out” Xtianists, white supremacists, and other bigots. We should be getting a new NYT op-ed from a chin-stroking “liberal” on the subject soon.

I get it: margins are chronically tight, almost 50-50. But if the Dem establishment thinks that the only way to win is by peeling off some GOP voters (instead of, y’know, promoting progressive policies that will bring in new, young voters), they don’t have to do it by humouring the absolute worst of them.


Because after 15 weeks the life and health of the mother doesn’t matter? I hate fascists with a burning raging hate.


That is, after all, what fascists do.


they think they’re winning.

Welcome to the Democrat Party! We lose easy elections left and right, surrender human rights with barely a fight, watch encroaching fascism and write hand-wringing articles and blog posts, and shoot ourselves in the foot by underpromising and dreaming small. You’re gonna be a star, kid! But wait until the 89 year olds decide to pass on their power.

I know, snark helps nothing in this but I’m just so frustrated and am DEEPLY sick of being frustrated by the only option I have in an institution.


Signed in the dark of night behind closed doors.



Yeah, well, misinformation makes things even worse. The Democrats won power in Michigan recently, and guess what happened?

Whitmer signs repeal of Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban | CNN Politics

This. This happened. So maybe don’t blame the party that actually is doing something where they can.


It’s interesting to see some Republicans freaking out about abortion now - in that they’re realizing their positions are incredibly unpopular, even with their own voters. (It’s even more “interesting” when their response is, “The Democrats are really killing us on this issue” and not acknowledging the wound is entirely self-inflicted.)

Meanwhile you increasingly have people like DeSantis doing… this. (The man is an absolute champion of policies even Republican voters hate, presumably to appeal to the tiniest core of his core supporters.) And that Nebraska Republican going full white supremacist, using “white replacement” conspiracies to justify an abortion ban. No, chucklefuck, your state population isn’t low because of abortion (if that were true, though, you might have a look as to why that was), it’s because people with an education and options are fleeing your shithole state, and only the most desperate immigrants want to move there. An abortion ban will just make that many times worse.


Speaking of abortions:


Kacsmaryk is not only a bigot, but a sneaky and cowardly one. Of course TFG was the one who appointed him to the bench.


The onebox for the New Republic article truncates the headline as “Nebraska Republican Says Six-Week Abortion Ban Is Necessary Because White”.


Though that is indeed the gist of it, and it’s not so different from the subtitle: “Fun little one-two punch of misogyny and racism”


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