Describe HOW bored you are


I’m bored. Really, I am. Just completely out of ideas, lethargic, procrastinatingly bored.

Watch a bunch of cops beat a black kid for jaywalking

maybe tomorrow


I’m the chairman of the bored.


boredom melts,
drop by drop it melts,
the heart grows weak
but contemplates the drop
by drop that grows to trickle
to stream to river to ocean-
without the boring moment,
without the heat of apathy,
without the boring moment,
without the shade of ennui,
how would we know?
how would we know the difference?

wash me clean.

in this instant,
into this heat,
wash me clean,
this is the ocean and this is the river
and every moment is not like every other moment
because of the melting,
because of the dripping,
because of the flowing.

wash me clean.


Seven. I am seven bored.


I just took an Emotional Intelligence test. Does that answer your question?


I left this site, closed my browser completely, then started it up again to check Twitter twice, Facebook once, and then come back here. And now I’m actually taking the time to play this game, because that’s how bored I am.

Maybe I’ll go watch Star Trek…


I’m so bored I’m renaming all my Fallout Shelter vault dwellers, while episodes from the first season of Mission Impossible play in the background. B-o-r-e-d. Bored.


I’m drink whiskey in the afternoon bored.


I’m so bored, I read all the predictably controversial topics, just to see how the usual suspects were managing to be wrong about everything today.


I’m polishing rocks without a rock tumbler bored…


I’m “I just joined Ashley Madison for shits-and-giggles-and-personal-deanonymization” bored.


I’m so bored, only my eyes can move bored.


I’m so bored that, well, just look:

That’s right, I didn’t even have anything to draw.



As bored as a terribly bored person who has every reason to be terribly bored, but is too bored to do anything about it.


I’m so bored I created a throwaway account on BB, just to post an empty comment.


It’s like, how much more bored could it be, and the answer is none. None more bored.


I’m so bored I got up and went to the bathroom to pee, but I didn’t have to pee.


Hey, I’m here, aren’t I? Why else would I be here?