Design a new subway system for your favorite city


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Does it include Königsberg? I’d add an extra bridge, myself, and nuts to Euler.

I pretty much never post comments on the many game reviews that have been boinging lately, but I do read and enjoy them! Lots of great stuff I’d never have heard of, otherwise.


I’m sure I remember playing this a while back. Has it been in development a long time?

Ah, I must be remembering the alpha release.


I’ve been playing this since it was in alpha. Minimal masterpiece!


How bout a fookin’ line from da Bronx to Queens ya knucklehead!

That said, looks like fun. Thanks!


Don’t forget the DRM-free release:


It’s really really addictive.


Ahm gonna build a new subway system 'round Tokyo, wit me Black&Decker work-mate!


Dang. From the post title I was hoping it would involve Google Maps.


The folks at the Toronto Transit Commission should get a copy of this.

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