Ride this surreal subway line to wonderful places

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I don’t see anything on the site that gives the game’s system requirements, but just as one data point, I can’t get the game to run under MacOS 10.6.8.

Needs two orders of magnitude more resolution to be pleasing. As it is, you just take the train to a new color palette and some ugly blocklike things, then take another train to another place with different palette and more blocks. And nothing to do anywhere, either. Perhaps there are more interactive things or even superior visuals I didn’t see, but I didn’t have the patience for more than 5 minutes of blundering around.

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Surely the aim of the game is to get to Mornington Crescent?


It’s not GTA V, but actually I love that about it.

I’m not asking for guns or missions or stunt fatalities. But in a game of exploration and ambience I want something more than crude block figures and sparkling pixels.

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It’s all there in Level 13. :slight_smile:

— End Of The Line — The Nothing — Limbo — Purgatory — Hell – Heaven — The Womb — REBIRTH.

And the Subway Loop of Life continues.

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I was trying to explain to my partner why we had to make a pilgrimage to Mornington Crescent when we were in London earlier this year. I got the “I’m being very patient with you” look.

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The minimalist graphics give me pleasure, but the sound just gives me a headache.

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