Designer creates a new "gravity seal" for iconic Kikkoman soy sauce bottle

Came here to post this.
This flash animation was circulated among my friends around 2002/03 and I’ve been a loyal Kikkoman customer ever since. Show me! Show you! Kikkoman!

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This flash animation lives rent free in my head, it’s truly an OG Internet classic. Glad that other people here appreciate it as well :blush:

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You can’t “seal” gravity.


Is 3d printing plastic food safe?

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Indeed, I have a threaded lid model from a supermarket. There is a white gasket that is normally removed after opening. I leave it in place so the soy sauce stays sealed in the fridge, and I can access the goodness within whenever I want, with an easy twist.


Nope. It’s not toxic enough to matter, probably, but technically it is not (assuming PLA here).

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