Desk job for racist Seattle cop who arrested 70-year-old black man for carrying a golf club

I got that too, watching the whole vid.

But the fact she drove around the block to confront a 70 year old man using a golf club as a cane only makes it worse!


Desk job, hopefully in an office full of sarcastic bastards. I wonder if she will appreciate a flurry of discussions pertaining to her handicap? Or tees filling the drawers of her desk. Golf balls falling out of her coffee mug. Perhaps a number of canes, clubs and umbrellas propped against the desk.


That is clever.

She should be in front of a desk at the unemployment office. A creep like that should never have any authority over any life form…I wouldn’t even allow her to raise plants


Ah, yep. But still a massive overreaction.


In the video, that second cop, Tom Cruise, he knew he was on the wrong side of things because the person whose wrist he was holding wasn’t dead or wounded after allegedly swinging a golf club at a cop.

You can see it in he face but you know, the code or whatever.


Old men gesticulate with canes or whatever else they have, it’s a scientific fact. Nobody swung anything at her.


What a shrill fucking battle axe out looking for a fight. She deserves to be blacklisted from all Police work, because she’s an insufferable bully.

Why does she get to keep her job and pension? She’s been proven to be a thoughtless problem escalator. If most of us exhibited such awful judgement, and decided to just fuck with a client at work this way, we’d be fired. The only thing that “makes her special” is the fact that cops aren’t willing to police themselves or hold each other to standards of professionalism.


At least officer friendly was there to at least talk to the poor guy. Shrieky McBattleAxe just wanted to assert her dominance and wasn’t willing to do any thing but make the golfclub guy a victim.

Although, I’m almost as angry at “Tom Cruise” as I am at Shrieky McBattleAxe. If he were a good cop, he’d have the balls to not tolerate Miss BattleAxe’s disgusting behavior instead of just trying to smooth things over.


Seattle just paid out 1.5 million for the deaf wood carver a Seattle cop gunned down.

But wait, there’s more.

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That’s interesting. Perhaps Whitlatch has a vendetta against bus drivers. Or maybe she’s just out to scare people. Honestly a lot of the accounts of her behavior, and the video I’ve seen keeps pegging my 'Roid radar. She seems to act like someone who’s been taking steroids and forgetting that they can turn you into a sociopathic predator on those “less assertive” (read regular people who aren’t chemically off-balance).

She keeps taking offense at minor perceived sleights, and keeps bullying people and claiming that they threaten her even though any threat doesn’t match up to what a reasonable person would notice as one.

see also: Metro Bus Driver Says She Was Also Bullied by Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, Warned SPD Years Ago

That was what I was replying about.

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And he pled guilty to the charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Another false confession plea bargain.


Off-duty behavior’s never been treated as completely not subject to disciplinary action. I recall a case of an officer dismissed for membership in a white supremacist organization. He challenged the dismissal, but it was allowed to stand. I’ll maybe try later to dig up more on the case, but the reasoning as I recall it was that (1) real bias is not something that a person can shed at the start of work, and (2) an officer can’t perform duties effectively if someone who knows his views reasonably expects bias.

Once at work I heard shouts of “Put the gun down!” outside. Stupidly I went to the window to look instead of ducking for cover. There was a guy on the sidewalk next to a college campus holding what I’d later learn was a BB gun. Without putting it down he told the officers what it was. The officers approached him and they had a friendly talk about it and how it was unloaded, but that people were understandably concerned. He then turned around and went back the way he’d come.

I’m sure it’s because he wasn’t threatening anyone with it. The fact that he was white had nothing to do with how he was treated, right? Right?

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I think it is important not to diminish the growing pressure on police reform by not making careless accusations. Isnt that part of the behavior we are asking to be stopped?

There are no words to express my disgust with this Nazi scum, but a valiant attempt nonetheless.

I don’t understand. Is this unusual behavior for Seattle’s Finest? In many parts of the US it would pass without comment.