Despite new data, Mars remains a mystery


“Despite new data, Mars remains a mystery”

…and that’s why, so is Mar Skind.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Also, I am old.

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Everything I need to know about Mars (G’loot Praktaw) I learn from The Thrilling Adventure Hour, although admittedly, that’s more anecdotal ethnography than hard science…

It’s deeply counter-factual, but I still love the idea that Mars harbours an intelligence that saw the goings-on on this planet for the last 100k years, and chose to hide the groceries. Somewhere in there is a side story about the planet that catastrophically became the asteroid belt. And if the children of this planet learn to be very good, eat their vegetables and don’t assault their siblings, one day they’ll get to meet a native Martian.

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Here’s Mr Obvious to point out that that is the point of studying something. You never ever get to the bottom of it. The more you know the more you don’t know.


This statement is false.


This response is ambiguous, I think.

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“without meaning” is different from “false”.

Well, if you stopped stealing the cookies, we wouldn’t have to. We left suitably passive aggressive notes for you. Didn’t you read them?


I was agreeing with @timquinn. That’s a basic example of what Hofstadter calls a strange loop and tends to be the archetypal demonstration of the incompleteness of logic systems powerful enough to make statements about themselves.

If the statement is false then it is implying that the statement is true but if true, implies the statement is false but… I’m sure you get the idea.

Despite a lot more data, and countless anecdotes, Earth also remains a mystery

Yeah, I get it, and its one of the frustrating things about western culture. We’re so attuned to “true” and “false” logic, we’re more susceptible to strange loops than we really should be.

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