Despite Trump's vow to kill ACA, the American Cancer Society held annual fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago


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The ACS lost me when they started turning down donations from atheist groups. They’re more concerned with sucking up to money and power (and apparently that means the theocratic right wing) than saving lives.


Social club for 1%ers rather than an honest charity.


Wanna bet Trump felt his august presence was contribution enough, and didn’t give a dime?


I don’t imagine you’ll find many takers for that bet.


OK, internet and knowledgeable BOINBOING community. What is a better place to contribute to since I don’t want to contribute to ACS anymore but I want to support research to stop cancer.

Here is the Charity rating for ACS, Wow, they spend 34% of their funds on fundraising!

National Cancer Institute, which is part of NIH and thus HHS in the US?

Where else?


This goes to show that ACS leadership are more interested in getting a fat cut from donations than doing good research and helping those afflicted with cancer (or survivors).

As @hhype asks, what is a good alternative? I feel like railing against ACS is fair but why not take the chance to give a number of alternatives in the same post?


Sorry ACS. Normalizing not allowed.


Who are those other two people at dinner with trump/Abe in the last image? And I don’t mean Melania or Akie Abe.


Oh, I’m sure he gave, to his own charity - and wrote off the donation - and used the money to buy something nice for himself.


But what about awareness!!! If the numbers don’t look good in terms of your charity turning cash into solutions(or at least progress); always harp on how much awareness you are raising. Doesn’t matter if everyone already knows; or even if something more obscure is actually much more dangerous; only a cruel soulless cynic would be awful enough to suggest that your work is not indeed praiseworthy.

(Please note; I do not mean to suggest that ‘awareness’ is always a low value contribution; some causes have a real obscurity problem; and in cases where this is by design more than a few intrepid activists and reporters and such have died trying to get the word out; but this doesn’t change the fact that it is also the first refuge of every over-the-hill charity that has ossified into a state of pure self-perpetuation and acquired some suspiciously expensive overhead and executive staff.)


“The American Cancer Society has to make business decisions based on a variety of factors…”

When you hear the phrase, “business decision(s),” RUN - do NOT walk - to the nearest exit. It means the person uttering the phrase is about to make a decision that negatively affects you and doesn’t want to be held personally responsible for it.


RealDonaldTrump: it was my February presence! Boingboing is FAKE NEWS! SAD!!!


On the bright side killing the ACA seems to be harder than its opponents anticipated.


Dana Farber Cancer Institute is also hosting a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago on February 18 and been getting some heat about it.

They say they’ll think about such “controversial” venues next time.


Children’s Cancer Association gets my money fairly often. CCA


I’ll think about donating next time. And by donating i mean nothing, and by next time i mean never.


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


The Cleveland Clinic is pulling the same garbage. Despite the ACA and one of their doctors ending up trapped outside the country by the ban, they went ahead with a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser.


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