Looks like Eric Trump steals from kids with cancer


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Donald Trump and Eric Trump defrauded donors to kids' cancer charities
Donald Trump and Eric Trump defrauded donors to kids' cancer charities
Donald Trump and Eric Trump defrauded donors to kids' cancer charities

Donald Trump isn’t orange, he’s alt-white.



The horseshit doesn’t fall far from the horse’s ass.


Stealing donations intended for children with cancer? What’s next - pillaging the widow and orphan’s fund?

He’s certainly working hard to become a matinee serial movie villain. Don’t think he can manage the mustache, though.


Running for office?


I hope they all reincarnated as flies & keep the memories of this life time, why do they have to be such pricks


That makes him smart.


Remind me again, which of these is Eric?


In addition to defying the laws of the nation, the expectations of decency and morals, he also defies physics because eventually he should hit bottom. It’s now very obvious that there is no bottom for him. He’s the type of wretch that claims victimhood when he hurts his feet stomping other people into the dirt. His existence is a tragic social disease.


I think that even his apparent role model, Patrick Bateman, might find stealing from kids with cancer a bit beyond the pale.


No. This is old news.
Associated Press investigation into Eric Trump’s charitable giving.


I volunteer on the board of a nonprofit that helps kids with cancer, since I have such a kid (grown). This story is not surprising to me. There appear to be two types of charities for kids with cancer - the type that raise lots of money, and the type that help kids with cancer. Ours is the latter. This one is clearly the former.


Why is anyone surprised any more by this sort of revelation? It’s clear by now that the “President” and his family are in it–in everything and anything–for the money. Period.



stealing from kids with cancer

Sounds right.

If they had a positive attitude, they wouldn’t get cancer. It’s a state of mind. /s



Maybe the Dem party loyalists should get over the fact that a lot of people won’t support a warmongering neocon now. It sure seems like they are doing everything in their power to avoid learning anything from this. They still think they can keep blackmailing everyone into supporting their corrupt bullshit.


imagine a meeting after 9/11 designing how to make us all numb within a 16 year frame from OD on media… and next on our show toppogigio (sp?)


I’m hardly shocked - I was fully expecting to find this out before the election, and was only shocked that I didn’t. Though we did hear about how this “charity,” ostensibly for kids with cancer, ended up giving money to a bunch of random things, like horses, because Eric’s wife likes horses. We can’t expect anything better from this family.