Make: a $5 ACLU-donation Dash button you can press every time Trump makes you angry


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Kickstarter to mass produce these babies?


This is one of those clever ideas, I think. I bet other charities and causes will do it. Imagine “press this button every time someone fails to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to you”, or “press this button every time you see a homeless person”.


Given that the ACLU has raised a record six times it’s usual annual budget (edit: annual donations, NOT annual budget… oops) already, I think it would be prudent if we stopped promoting the ACLU has some sort of ideal donation target. We should spread out our donations amongst many other organizations who actively need our support in resisting bad policy.


Mine would have to be in the Nickel & Dime range, I’m poor.


You realize if we pressed the button every time Trump made us angry, we’d be broke in the span of just a few days, right?


You beat me to it.


Neat idea, nice execution, but I wonder how much of the money will be eaten by transaction costs.


…aaaand my bank account is empty.


This is a nice step towards my idea, free for anyone to steal:


Only if it delivers the money with a drone.


Bankrupt in a day. But maybe I should stop reading so much news.


I was thinking of first reads only, mileage may vary. But of course, you likely read a lot more news than I.


I measure my anger at Trump in rages-per-minute, and I’m fully capable at being angered all over again by the same things a few minutes later.


I would be broke. I can’t afford to donate every time this current administration continues to piss me off.


many US households are already heavily indebted. is this really a good idea?


until then:


This assumes available funds.

However it is a good notion and a better use of money than many other things.


Only [everyone in] Trumpmire Swamp has that kind of cash.


Great idea!

I’m sure I’d be…