Detailed guide to Disneyland line-planning for a age of lengthening queues

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Detailed guide to line-planning.
That’s all I need to hear to know this is not how I want to spend my vacation.


“How to plan your time in Hell”


This is too easy:

Here’s how to avoid the lines

Go somewhere else instead.
The bigger Disney Corp gets, the more icky I feel giving them any money.

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I’ve never been to Six Flags/Magic Mountain, but it’s not very far from Disney, by California standards.

That’s more my style, anyway. More thrill rides, less spectator fluff. Also the reason I preferred Islands of Adventure to Disney when I lived in Florida.

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We’re going to Disneyland next month, the primary reason for doing so is shepherding our nephews through THEIR FIRST DISNEYLAND VISIT EVAR, cementing our rep as the best relatives. Our riding is mostly going to be of the vicarious nature; that and eating/procuring churros and frozen bananas.

If the park is so full they don’t know what to do with the crowds, how about … building another one? At some point there has got to be enough demand to support at least one more park in the US. Hell, build it as close to the first one as you can get and call them Disneyland 1 and 2; it sounds like they could pull it off.

Could you describe the churro experience for me please? Cuz to me, it just kind of looks like ground corn or even sand molded in crystallized syrup.
Sometimes I want to try one, but that same alarm that arises when eating casserole containing water chestnuts flares up.

A churro is basically a non-circular donut. Fried pastry covered with cinnamon and sugar. Hard to find anything objectionable about that


+1 for Islands of Adventure. Disney World in FL struck me as being nothing but concrete and lines when we went there.
Universal had better roller coasters, shorter lines and large splash pad play areas where the kids could decompress and actually relax for a while.

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It’s Spanish for a flaky (rather than fluffy bready) cinnamon sugar cruller pastry. Awesome with hot chocolate. Not worth a trip to Florida for.

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No no. These are the crowds that are amused by lines. This is a park for them. :wink:


Thanks for that. Because to me visually, it looks like a sand castle on a stick.

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