Detangling enthusiasts trade snarled yarn to tease back into order

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Yo should send them that title, Cory! I had to read it three or for times, and then the article, before I could make heads or tails of it! :slight_smile:


I can see how that would be an excellent meditative hobby for some and a nightmare hellscape for others.


Yeah, it took me about ten reads, but I finally got it without looking at the article.

The problem starts when you assume that the main verb is detangling – “detangling enthusiasts…” might be something about tracing down their complex web of connections – and then the rest of the sentence just ends up being a word salad.

I love untangling tangled yarn. I had no idea there were organizations devoted to it. Is there some Rule 34a (“If it exists, there are hobbyists of it”) that I didn’t know about? [edit: fixed (?) punctuation.]


This is just what I needed to complete my Alexander The Great cosplay!


you already have the sword, presumably :^)

i don’t care about yarn, but i remember the adults looking in awe one holiday as i sorted out a massive knot of christmas lights that was beyond their ken.


“The greatest folly of man is seen when he is busy about nothing. He is like the empty fellow that showed himself to Alexander (the Great). Having spent much time, and taken great pains beforehand, (the fellow) boasted that he could throw a pea (a considerable distance) through a little hole, (for which) he expected a great reward; but (Alexander) only gave him a bushel of peas for his recompense, suitable to his diligent negligence or his busy idleness.”

(George Swinnock, Works, vol 1)


If only there were a way to harness that power.

Like a steam engine, except fueled by the power of YUEs (Yarn Untangling Entities).

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I think I’ll just leave this here:

It isn’t knotted. (At least in the mathematical sense.)


Well of course it isn’t; you’ve gone and cut it up into lots of little bits.



A cutting edge solution to a knotty problem.


I’ve never done yarn — too stretchy! — but both my quite-dissimilar careers have turned out to involve no small amount of untangling wires. Probably not a coincidence, huh?


I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but that actually sounds extremely fun and relaxing.


So, are there also online communities of tangling enthusiasts?


During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a skilled archer named Chen Yaozi. His fame spread far and wide. Every time he performed, a large crowd gathered to watch.

One day an old man who made his living selling oil happened to pass by. Seeing the crowd around him, he also stopped to watch.

All eyes were bent on Chen Yaozi. His shots were very precise, and the crowd cheered him on with rounds and rounds of applause. The old man, however, just nodded his head. He did not seem to be the least impressed.

Chen Yaozi was not pleased. After taking his bow, he stalked angrily up to the old man and eyed him from head to foot. “Do you know how to shoot?” he snapped.

The old man shook his head and said, “No, I don’t! Still, I don’t think there’s anything special with your performance. It’s only a matter of practice.”

Chen Yaozi flew into a temper. “You hardly know a thing about archery,” he snarled, “yet you’re pretending to be an expert!”

“Don’t get upset over what I said!” said the old man. “I make my living selling oil, and through the years I’ve mastered a little trick. Let me show you this trick, then you’ll see what I mean.”

The old man set his oil gourd on the ground and placed a coin over its mouth. He then stood up and began pouring oil using a ladle. The oil went straight through the hole of the coin, filling up the oil gourd without staining the coin at all.

“There’s nothing special about this, either.” smiled the old man, “It’s only a matter of practice.”

From then on, Chen Yaozi became a very humble archer.


Well THAT was easy. Time to step up to yarn rescue, it seems! :wink:


You and me both! It’s actually sort of weird…usually I might think “oh that’s interesting” or “I should look into that”, but this grabbed me immediately with “I’m going to look them up as soon as I get back.”

Challenge accepted!


Oh thank god. Was thinking I was the only person who would find this sort of thing (sadly) appealing.