Device converts dog brain waves to human speech

We’ve recently adopted another dog (total: 2). Like many owners of rescue dogs, what I’d most like to hear from my new friend is what happened before he came to live with us.

I’d like my dogs to be able to tell me when they’re feeling poorly or in pain. They can be such stoic creatures until they’re overwhelmed and then, often, it’s too late to intervene. The only sign I can see in Scooter that he’s hurting is that his eyes acquire a dull filmy appearance and he looks vaguely anxious (also, past testing at the vets – stenosis of a vertebrae in his low back, plus mitral valve disease) That’s when I take out the prednisone for three days of dosing. The proof is in seeing his eyes return to dark shiny brown and that furrow in his brow smoothes out. It’s not much of a nursing system and I could hope for better.


They forgot the phrase: Where the hell is that voice coming from?

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I have a feeling it would end in some horrible feedback loop where the dog just keeps telling itself “good boy” until it starves to death.


That’s the cat version.

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The website says it is a “working prototype”, but nowhere in the video did they show it actually working. Kinda frustrating since they’re encouraging people to order it, and even harder to believe it will work as well as they say it will.


“After his arrest by New York City police in August 1977, Berkowitz was indicted for eight shooting incidents. Berkowitz confessed to all of them and claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon that possessed his neighbor’s dog.”

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Given the lack of evidence that this is anything but a conceptual piece, I’d say you can probably use it to talk to your dog about as effectively as the dog can use it to talk to you.

Why not cats? Would they be actually harboring thoughts we may not want to hear?

“This leash demeans us both”

Dog: Man’s Best Friend. Guess what he’s going to say to the nagging, the pestering, the gossiping and the bossing around?

I think this is a real boon.

Total lulz, thanks!

That’s the worst promotional video I’ve ever seen. And they’ve still managed to raise over $3000.

Poop for me…it’ll be cool. C’mon…it’ll be cool. If you love me you would. POOP IN THE BUSH DAMIT!!!

(source…skit from Little Britain.)


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