Scientists finally catch dolphin talking


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“So long, and thanks for…” dammit, doesn’t work.


It’s Ukraine. I think you can remove the articles.

“So long. Tanks for fish.”



I don’t know about all sign languages, but I recall reading that the syntax of American Sign Language greatly reduces the need for articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. Part of this is also practical, because sign language has to be incredibly efficient. Transliterated, ASL expressions might look like something a five year-old would say, but transliterations can’t always account for its non-verbal nuances.


So… they’ve figured out what we are saying to some degree (i.e. do X and I’ll give you a treat) and we have no clue what they are saying.


“Much fish thanks. Goodbye.”


So long!

Thanks for all the fish!

Done :wink:

But I bet that prepositions and articles are out IRL


Such dolphin. Wow.


$10 buck says it was a cheezy pick up line.


“Is that a sea cucumber or are you just happy to echo-locate me?”

No, wait. Too many words.

“Nice fins. Sex now?”


Took them long enough.


My first thought was


I was at SeaWorld and a dolphin told me to “fuck off”. It really hurt my feelings too.


Let’s make sure they keep talking. Silence could have adverse effects.


The ancient Dolphin mating song:

Translated into Human, obviously.



Just noticed “be-in fayo” in there.

I knew they were talking about me :wink:


“Very ugly”? Long time since I took spanish.



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