Devo "Energy Dome" 45 rpm adapter


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Spin it.

Spin it good.

You must spin it.


Cool but is it actually DEVO approved?


I’m also wondering if DEVO know about this.

I recall they successfully stopped McDonalds from distributing a Happy Meal toy with the energy dome hat because it is their trademark and did not approve of it.


As much as DEVO aggressively protects their copyrightstrademarks I’d hope they have better things to worry about than unsanctioned handmade merchandise from a small record store in Oakland.


They probably do have better things to do but the problem is if they learn about something, they need to do something about it. Otherwise, other people (ie. evil corporations, etc) go “Hey we can steal this too because they aren’t defending it” and they lose what they made as it becomes harder to defend in court.

Copyright is tedious bullshit if nothing else.

I’m hoping Devo does know about it and has given a blessing.


I think this is what you mean:


I remember 45s.



Local and artesena!


I love 45’s.
There’s something lovely about the way they sound- and that they do one job: singles. A couple of minutes of a jam on one side, a couple minutes on the other.

Re: the adapters in question- while likely fine for casual use, a 3D printed adapter won’t really have the heft you’re looking for if you play somewhat enthusiastically. That’s why my “good” adapters are turned steel.



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