This Day in Blogging History: Teeny 3D printed cars; Devo sues McD's; Agent Smith cosplayers in Japan

One year ago today 3D printed, fully assembled, teeny-weeny little cars: This teeny weeny little car is 3D printed, fully assembled, with all its mechanisms in place. Five years ago today Devo sues McDonalds: New Wave Nigel is part of an American Idol-related line of freebies based on various genres of music. Ten years ago… READ THE REST

Anyone know the outcome of the Devo case?

Great question but I guess my searching skills are off. I can find everyone posting about it back then but nothing about any outcome. Maybe if a fellow mutant had access to a law library we’d be able to find out.

A quick search found this, which is rather unfortunate as now I can’t say “McDonald’s got whipped”.

It wasn’t surprising to learn that the members of Devo weren’t happy about “New Wave Nigel,” an “American Idol”-related toy given out at McDonald’s restaurants in 2008. The colourful “Nigel” sported a hat that looked an awful lot like Devo’s trademarked Energy Dome which can be seen in the band’s “Whip It!” music video. Band member Jerry Casale told the AAP in June 2008 that “this New Wave Nigel doll that they’ve created is just a complete Devo rip-off.” But apparently the situation was resolved amicably as the office of the band’s lawyer issued a statement soon after, stating that “[n]o lawsuit has been filed and no litigation is pending.”


I’m disappointed that five years on and Boing-boing is still reporting this urban legend as fact. How can we trust you on anything else you report or even take your claims seriously when 30 seconds research on Google found many reports of the falsity of the article?

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