DHS says it will force everyone who's ever immigrated to the USA to hand over social media


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/27/second-class-citizens.html


I wonder what they’d do with all that information?


I hope they ask MILO first.


So - Melania will be the test case?

Sorry DHS - a citizen is a citizen.


Yikes. This has dire slippery slope potential.


Clickbait. The proposed rule doesn’t force anyone to reveal anything. It doesn’t set any policy on what is to be collected or how. The rule is actually a description of a new database being established to consolidate information currently spread across other databases.


Though, to be fair, this exact phrase could technically be uses to describe the act of sucking social media profile activity into a DHS system…


How do they define social media? Is it by the site (MySpace, Friendster, etc…) or by content? If it’s by content, is the BoingBoing BBS social media?


We must assume their lawyers will argue for the broadest possible definition.


Good luck to them getting my great-granddad’s social media!


I’m especially curious about the collection of information on Citizens. Which many immigrants are.


We should point them to /b/


There goes Donald’s alternate backdoor to the Russians and off shore bank go-betweens.


I see what you did there.


They just want to see all the shared sweet potato-marshmallow recipes.


There was something about “search results” in here that was vague. I assume they mean that they’ll Google everyone’s names and assume that whatever results they find relate to the person in question with that name. (False positives, ahoy!)
There may not be a whole not new here, but it feels like we’re going full dystopia. You never go full dystopia.


Where there’s grift, there’s a way.


I wonder what they’d do with all that information?

Surely no one is surprised by this.

Damn, I already assume that they’re mining the hell out of everything out there on the web – their algorithms searching for suspicious connections and flagging troublesome topics…

I can only assume that this new reg will be used to cherry-pick incriminating evidence amongst those immigrants that DHS has already decided ought not to receive citizenship ( or a visa/green card), but just needs the proof.


I keep an eye on what happens in the grey zone of the border (in all its senses, not just crossings) as a canary in the coal mine of American right-wing authoritarianism. The establishment of this database is bad enough, but that the data collection might be retroactively applied to already naturalised citizens is particularly disturbing. It’s a short step from that to just applying it to all citizens.


They can just ask me, I tell them exactly what I think.