Trump threatens to publicly release private data of immigrants and foreign visitors, ACLU responds

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The Nazi-ass shit going on in my country right now… Hard to even know where to begin. I’m having anxiety attacks pretty regularly, gotta get that sorted out (naturally!) because it’s going to go WAY more down-hill from here before things get any better. Hopefully not Mad Max bad, but possibly, maybe even probably.


Unrelated, but just my current Trump annoyance: He signed a couple of laws to promote women in STEM fields and people are trying to point to it as a good thing he’s done, but they’re literally applauding him for signing legislation others wrote and Congress passed that may not actually do much for their intended purpose. He only didn’t choose to veto the legislation and gets praise. Craziness.


If the government makes any errors, U.S. citizens and green card holders will unlawfully be denied their rights guaranteed under the Privacy Act.

That should be persuasive even to people who think non-citizens deserve no protections. Anyone could end up losing their legally guaranteed privacy because someone makes a typo. And they wouldn’t even know it until it was too late. Can’t put that genie back in the bottle.


Take a break and disengage. I had to drive cross-country last week and for a few days all I listened to was my ipod. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt about life after just 48 hours in a trump-free zone.


President Trump — a yahoo in the White House.


He’s calmer when he’s getting praise, which is how his campaign apparently managed keep him off twitter in the leadup to the election. This might be giving him a treat so he’ll shut up.

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i agree. i’ve been watching the netflix series “The Kindness Diaries” and it’s sort of reminding me that there’s goodness possible in the world. the narrator is riding his motorcycle around the world and relying on the kindness of strangers for food, lodging, and gas. it’s super-predictable after the 2nd or 3rd episode, but the glimpses of real people around the world doing things because it’s just a kind thing to help someone in need has left me surprisingly teary-eyed several times.


Having avowed enemies of the state run the state is a bad idea. Who knew?


Okay, wait a minute.
I´m a foreigner and I visited the US in 2014. Does that mean my personal data (which is almost certainly still in the databases somewhere) may get published?


That’s how they GETCHA


Trump selling this to the EU: “Don’t worry its totally just gonna be for brown people.”


Another new division? Interesting approach to shrinking the Federal government.


Oh, don’t worry. He’ll make up for the growth in the military and Heimatsicherheit parts of the Federal government by shrinking the parts dealing with environment, social services, education, and science.


could be even worse. the US-EU agreement on Passenger Name Records defines that airlines “operating passenger flights between the European Union and the United States” are obligated to push PNR data to the DHS.

I don’t see any exclusion for flights not bound for the US. does this mean that European carriers have to transmit passenger data for all destinations? no idea, but the text is suspicious vague and open.


Does this mean that they’re going to investigate and make public the results on immigrants who state that they saw pedophilia at Hollywood parties and did nothing to stop it and never reported it?

Because those guys sound exactly like the kind of high risk low character characters they should be targeting for expulsion.


Those dumbasses really want to kill tourism, don’t they?

Given the Trump administration’s links with Russia, who’s to say they won’t use this to build their own database of kompromat?

It’s not just passenger data: add to this the likelihood of foreign visitors getting their mobile devices searched and likely copied, with no data protections, and it’s just another reason for people never to enter the country.


Avoiding television news outlets will reduce your anxiety considerably (true in general, too). To remain aware of the awfulness without feeling complete despair, Stick to reputable print and radio outlets and sites like this one.


The expansion of a “your papers, please” regime eventually affects everyone, including citizens, if it isn’t blocked at every turn. Once in place these measures don’t go away. CBP’s increased testing of its limits is one of the most disturbing things the new administration has enabled.


Yeah I’m going to need to seriously curtail my MSNBC addiction… Maybe just Maddow?