Trump gives ugly speech saying legal immigrants come from a "bin"


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In before @TobinL with the requisite ‘facedesk’:


It has become far more useful than I ever dreamed of… then again things have become far more fucked up than my worst fears so there is that.


Trump only likes the kinds of immigrants rich men can order from a catalog.


I used to use that exact gif all the time on the site I came from, but you usually beat me to posting it here.


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The orange piece of scum thinks law enforcement is on his side because they have power. Trouble is, FBI agents all have real university degrees and have gone through rigorous security and psychological clearances; they’re smarter than him, are actually patriotic and know he’s a buffoon.
All presidential, congressional and senatorial candidates should have to pass a variation of the FBI clearance program. The US would end up with legislators that actually want to help the country instead of rape it for their donors.


So it’s a lottery that randomly chooses certain people on purpose. Got it.

Does Trump actually think this lottery grants unscreened, unknown people US visas?

I know the guy’s a fucking dope, but he can’t be that stupid, can he?


he’s not the one who has to fall for it


But a test like that would make you worse than Hitler!

What’s next? Gassing the homophobes? Re-education of the moronic?



Ha ha ha ha ha…
Sorry. That really isn’t funny. Nervous response, my bad.





“They’re not sending their best people” was exactly what he said before “They’re sending their rapists” about Mexicans. I’m not sure he’s clever enough for this to be an intended implication.

Still, this idea that other countries are making lists of which of their citizens to export to the US reveals what Trump thinks the role of government is. People are chattel. It’s not people who choose to move to the US, it’s governments that move them around like pawns.

It’s only reasonable to think that this is how he regards his own relationship with the American people.

In a couple months he’ll probably suggest the US start sending it’s rapists to Germany.


This whole deplorable regime needs to be binned.



Yep, model citizens.

(Uh, sorry. I get your point and support it, more or less.
Something about your characterization just bounced off of the
FBI’s history.)


Maybe he just thinks that the police have systemic racism as part of their culture. Maybe he’s not wrong about that.


Yes, he can, alas!

Sorry, but to coin a phrase, There ain’t no cure for stupid.