Trump threatens to order 'additional security for our country' next week, 'very rapidly'


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And undoubtedly the courts will rule the actions unconstitutional again, very rapidly.


Generally, critical security patches are released without announcing a release time. They also tend to note what the critical vulnerability is so that people can do what they can to mitigate the threat.


It appears that the critical vulnerability to 45’s regime are an uncooperative press corps, millions of angry women, non-white people, SNL comedians, and Nordstrom shoppers and/or managment. Let’s hope the security patch he’s talking about doesn’t crash the system.


During his first meeting with the Prime Minister of an ally country. How does that not sound like a threat?


I thought that they had to rush these security measures through so no terrorists could sneak in before they came into place? That’s what Trumplodytes were saying the rational for the immediate Muslim Ban was.


I blame Obama.

He could have suspended the Constitution and given himself a third term just like Alex Jones kept saying he was gonna do.


Thanks, Obama!


Specifically with Shinzo Abe, who’s a bit Trumplike himself.


When he talks about “additional security”, all I can imagine is that it somehow involves giving Blackwater or whatever they’re calling themselves today (Xe? Akademi?) license to loiter around immigration and bundle anyone they don’t like the look of into a secret interrogation room, never to be seen again.

Bannon’s probably unearthed some late 18th-century law authorizing the president to issue “letters of marque” without having to explain himself to Congress.


You are far more optimistic than I can be at this moment.


Florida: the only state with its own tag on



Additional security is on the way.


Trump threatens to order ‘additional security for our country’ next week, ‘very rapidly’

Amazon Prime is cool and all, but it doesn’t quite work that way, dude.


Looks like I was wrong. It won’t be Blackwater. It might be these guys instead. ("The name’s O’Keefe. James O’Keefe’).




Awww, come on, now I’m disappointed. I was hoping for a buy one security get half off the second security. Maybe we can split a six-pack of security? Or is that one of those things that’s sold by the ounce? /snerk


There’s always the Subscribe and Save option…