DHS says it will force everyone who's ever immigrated to the USA to hand over social media

Considering one in seven people in the United States are immigrants, and if you communicate with any of them you’re also going to be caught up in this sweep…

I’d say they’re building an exact copy of the internet.


I am not in the US nor affected by this in any way, but doesn’t this idea fly in the face of the 4th amendment (unreasonable search)?

They could possibly weasel out of it with non-citizens (e.g. green card holders), same as they have denied habeas corpus to Gitmo detainees on the basis that constitutional protections apply only to citizens. However, I cannot imagine how such thing could work for citizens without the DHS being sued into oblivion.

That the entire idea is a complete nonsense probably doesn’t need to be said - criminals and terrorists are certainly going to eagerly hand over that information so that they can happily self-incriminate and go to prison.


Yes, and it will distract the press for months and years.


this proposal apparently includes immigrants who have received citizenship, also.

This is how I know it’s just another narcissistic attention trap intended to escalate the debate further away from rational discussion.

Since they already collect some off it from visa applicants, this just creates a space to store it. Which is different from forcing naturalized citizens from turning over their information.

We also have gun laws that require everyone to register their guns and perform background checks on purchase. This is to keep us safe. Even though criminals don’t bother registering their guns.
Having law abiding citizens be the only ones volunteering social media information is going to catch approximately 0% of criminals or terrorists.

Might as well include illegal immigrants in the sweep for social media identities. Politicians can pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Next election they can tell us how we were kept safe by this new program. If we are unlucky enough not to have been safe, they’ll tell us how the opposing party blocked the full reforms and if only we could have had more laws we would have averted the disaster.

It’s like our leaders read Orwell’s 1984 and got confused on which side was the good guys. Or read it as a nation-building manual.


Yep. Like the original “we’re sending you back even if you have a visa.” Muslim ban, this has zero chance of surviving a court challenge. Really the only difference between naturalized and born citizens is that naturalized citizens can’t be president and you have to wait before you can be elected to congress. I’m actually a little surprised to see this level of immigrant fear-mongering to come out of the post-Bannon Whitehouse


It was written about our leaders.


Big Brother is becoming an AS sh 0le!

I’m not so sure about the “clickbait” assertion. Here’s some of the text from the proposed rule, emphasis is mine:

(5) expand the categories of records to include the following: country of nationality; country of residence; the USCIS Online Account Number; social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results; and the Department of Justice (DOJ), Executive Office for Immigration Review and Board of Immigration Appeals proceedings information

It sounds to me like they want media handles so they can find or index somebody’s search results. Combine that with CBP’s mission to ask everyone entering the USA for the same information, and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. DHS/CBP already assert that there are no 4th Amendment rights at the border. I can absolutely see them asking citizens for the same information, which I’m sure would make DEA happy. To me, it’s the police state, and it means that ISIS won. There’s already a way for DHS to get that information if they want it: Go get a FISA warrant.


If they’re like me they’ll scroll past anything that begins with “95% of you will scroll past this”.

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I have a wonderful trove of information for you!



whats to stop someone from making dummy accounts and giving those out? Honestly fuck this shit.


I’m thinking of Radio Free Albemuth, where they asked for the name of any known Communist and he put “Ferris Fremont.”

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I’m not seeing how this rule could be used to monitor communications. The story says “social media handles and aliases”, no mention of logins and passwords.

I don’t see how this is possible to enforce. As far as I’m aware there’s no way to un-naturalize someone.

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One useful thing DHS could do is track down all the trolls that post how they made $7,500 last month on google.


no but once you have been disappeared, it’s a moot point

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You’ve been Zucked

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