Dial-a-Grue: play Zork with nothing but an old phone

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I do love these. Unfortunately if you were to show the assembly to kids and say “When I was your age, this was computer gaming and we liked it!”, they would appropriately wave you off as crazy.


This is a thing I approve of.

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When I was kid, my local newspaper (The Oregonian) had an info line that you could call (225-5555). It had all kinds of information - news, sports, weather, school closures (I think), but my very favorite part was an adventure game played on touch-tone. There was a narrator with some sound effects, various tones would result in choices. It would hang up after you were done. I remember my friend and I calling constantly trying to go through the decision tree to win the game.

After the first year, they dropped it from the option tree - It probably wasn’t gaining the paper anything. I would call back every few weeks or so, hoping that it had been restored with new games.


I don’t understand. Is this real 300-baud technology, or a clever replica?

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