Play Zork on twitter


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Graphics? Graphics are for the weak!


And should you not publicly want to be eaten by a grue, there’s a ton of other interactive fiction to play locally (including zork) on your computer.

For beginners, 9:05 is a funny short romp that can be completed quite quickly.

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I played Zork as a kid but never got far, so last year I downloaded it and played it to see whether my adult brain could get through it.

There were two things I had to look up on the internet. One I consider to be quite clever, the other is utter BS and I really don’t get how people could have solved it - it must be a reference to something I’m not familiar with.

Wave the scepter at the tope of the waterfall my ass!

But I take great issue with “You’ll need a map.” Sorry, kids, you make your own map for a game like this.


Indeed! Where’s the fun in figuring out how to get out of the maze of twisty little passages if you just go right to the map?

i have a copy of Zork, in the box, on 4" floppies. maybe i could use the original map…

Ah, the days of sharing home-made maps on the sneakernet.

But making your own map-- in a Composition notebook or blue book or with construction paper and glue or Legos…-- was the best part!

I say, “PLUGH!”

The 4" floppy version is quite rare, you know.

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Great. Tweet and you are likely to be eaten by a Grue. Unless of course you have Magic Frobozz Grue Repellant.

it is??
i actually have it as part of the trilogy. all one disc. it even came with a metal Zorkmid coin, a Zorkmid stock certificate, and some fun phony advertising and a letter from the Chairman of the Board of FroBozzCo.

I think it’s because everyone threw away their 4" floppies when they couldn’t find drives to read them. There was a trick where you could put tape over half the slot of an 8" drive, but then you couldn’t use the hole-punch technique to make the discs double-sided.

I am not a fan of these adventure games even if there are graphics and videos. :stuck_out_tongue:

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