Dial-up modem opera


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You are on a serious chiptune kick today, ain’cha?


WTF are you talking about? Clearly that rooster leads a death metal band.


Is that a long crower?Long crower on wikipedia



Opera and dial-up modem, two things some people have often sat through wishing it was over already.


My girlfriend purports to like opera. I don’t believe her.


Those modem sounds elicit equal parts nostalgia and dread.


[citation needed]


Both creative abuses of the limits of a legacy audio channel. Both hard to justify unless you are out of other options.


I used to do in house technical support for some of the volunteers I used to work with. The first people that I encountered that were unrecalcitrant and unabashed about downloading music via the Internet were all 65 and older opra enthusiasts. They previously traded music via the mail and in person; they posted wants and haves via dial up bulletin boards. Some of the rationals as to why sharing opera music was ok was that the recordings were rare, expensive to import, or the artists didn’t actually benefit from the sales of the music.

I remember being able to tell modem makers, speed and service via the sounds of the handshake.

Also, the people most likely to get viruses and ask for help as these people, discovered software via Usenet and peer-to-peer sharing.


Humans making modem noises: nightmare fuel.


jessica does a fair rome around the audio nesquick of stranger than fiction ‘no is he’

at the face to face part…

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