Spectographic analysis of a modem handshake


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I prefer the older modem tones. Once they got to 28.8 and up, they got too dissonant, with all that bonging and clashing, and too long and drawn out. 1200 bps? Just deeeeeeeeee-deeeeeeeeee-kshhhhhhh, and you’re done.

Basically, I like the early stuff, before they sold out for more bandwidth.


This is so upside down. Those sounds should precede a visit to a BBS.


Man, I was sure that said “Spectographic analysis of a modern handshake”, and I was all, like, “Wha…t the wha…t???”

(The wha…t…)


The future is so weird.


Yes, it was.


That’s what I read too. I was so excited to see an analysis of a modern handshake — had we gone from a wet fish to a firm lumberjack grip, or the other way around? A Fourier analysis would have been helpful too.



Yeah, I was into data before it was cool.


If you used and connected to a real modem, say a US Robotics Courier V.Everything, the HST handshake was very quick and had none of that weird, car-engine-failing-to-start-on-a-cold-winter-morning sound.

I still have mine, it still works, and it’s a prized possession.

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