Dick Van Patten, "Eight Is Enough" dad, RIP

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Apparently 86 was enough.


Man, I haven’t watch that show since the late 70s and remember enjoying it. Not that there was a lot to watch on TV in those days.

I always loved it when he would show up in someplace weird like a Weird Al video.

Re-watching the opening to Eight is Enough I can’t help realize just how damn white that show was.

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HUH . . . I could have sworn he’d passed away a decade ago.

Ahhh, I was thinking of Tom Bosley.

I guess they’re both on a heavenly TV Dad Island, where they can hang around undisturbed in the den as long as they wanted.

“Eight is Enough” was a show to be mocked in our house. Between too much MAD Magazine and an alcoholic father we were cynical bastards.

And now I can’t think of it without the Too Many Cooks song playing in my head.


Ah, Master Ninja, a particularly bad (i.e. good) episode of MST3K. Being a cheezy martial arts flick aficionado, I actually saw that film (actually a short-lived series) before it was MST3Ked.

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World’s greatest combover.

I guess, barring a biological or medical miracle, he could never live to see the Dura Shears finally wear out.

It should be noted here that he was #1 on the Letterman Top Ten List of Body Parts or Van Pattens.

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