Don Joyce of Negativland, RIP


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Oh no! That’s very sad news! Negativland is/was excellent!


Another touchstone to the eighties lost. I feel rather sad.


That’s sad news. I have always found his work to be an inspiration. I met Don once in Massachusetts around 1992, where he demonstrated much kindness and patience in dealing with me. I was interviewing Negativland at short notice (an hour?), stoned out of my gourd. I was a fan in awe and when my stupid questions were making Mark angry, Don took over since he knew that I was trying not to cry. We had a fun and interesting conversation.

Anybody interested in arts as communication, and vice-versa, and the possibilities of radio would do well to check out his work.


The U.S. uses six time zones, not four. Nine including territories. China uses one. So it’s a pretty useless measure of how big a country is.


Very sad news indeed. I haven’t listened to much OTE lately, and I feel negligent for it.

The full Negativland FB post Pesco links to mentions that the entire 34 year run (5000+ hours of show) will soon be on the Internet Archive.

That is definitely a gift. Thank you, Izzy Isn’t.


And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for :frowning:


Also: Receptacle Programming. F-me genius.


Dear Casey, this might seem like a strange request, but I’m quite sincere, and it’ll mean a lot if you play it. Recently there was a death in our family. He was from a little band called Negativland…

This one’s for you Don!


It’s not even funny…


I am a man with one finger on his hand…

This in the same week we lost Dieter Moebius.


Ahh, fuck. That hits me hard both as a huge Negativland fan and Contra Costa County native.

What a huge loss from a hugely important group who’s genius was well ahead of their time.


But the Soviet Union has 11! That’s still, like, numbers more than the US!


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