Negativland's next album comes with a baggie of Don Joyce's cremains

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Good Hello, Consumers of Media About Media:

Courtesy of our friends at Boing Boing, this is Negativland speaking to you. Thank you for reading about all of our deaths over the past year and a half!


God I love Negativland.


Negativland was always too negative for me.


This will make it hard to sell on ebay, what with their “no human body parts” ban.


Hey does anybody have a little scale model of Prince’s house?


Take my money!

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C. Elliot Forever!

This will be the second time I’ve read about the ashes of someone named Joyce.

As much as I love Negativland, can I get this without the human remains?

ETA: Ah, what the heck! Ordered as-is.

ETA: Arrived today.


Yeah. Super creepy, but it IS October. Ordered.

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Negativland has a long and distinguished history of packaging weird shit with their releases. Their first album had a box with a unique patch of wallpaper on the back and picture on the front. Each was handmade and no two were alike. Each box contained a pin and gardening miscellania.

My copy has a picture of a boy playing with a toy boat in a puddle on the front, and striped wallpaper on the back. It contains a baggie of bark. I’ll take pictures some time.

It’s only fitting that they would pull something like this on their newest album.

In other news, holy shit it’s been like decades since the last OTE album so I’m excited. I was never able to stay up late enough to listen to their KPFA broadcasts when I lived in the Bay Area. :frowning:


Remember A Big 10-8 Place ?

Where they were included burnt parts of wood, or splinters of wood, ostensibly remnants from their house fire?

I am sensing a theme here.

Still got that bumpersticker “No Other Possiblity.” Heh. Maybe it’s time I stuck it on a bumper…


I bought that one as a teenager. Regrettably I didn’t keep it in tip top shape. The bumper sticker has long since been stuck to something and I have no idea where the map went. :frowning:

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Oh, NOW I get this.


I have the map, the bag with the price sticker, the wood splinter bits, the bumpersticker etc. Am a bit unclear what happened to the actual CD. Either one of my many prior roommates nicked it, or put it “away” somewhere to prevent me from playing it in the house/apartment/warehouse/squat (I had a lot of roommates and some had very sticky fingers).*

Not even sure what to do with it all. Anyone interested in these artifacts, PM me and for the price of postage I’ll send you the pile. Maybe you’ll be able to divine what these things are supposed to do next.

*ETA: as I recall, the audio pieces on that CD were fairly uh challenging listening and sometimes I didn’t listen to it with headphones but through some huge Klipsch speakers that weighed a ton apiece. I can’t say I really blame any of my roommates for wanting to eh ah escape from noise for a while.


Agreed. A Big 10-8 Place is definitely a challenging listen but I’d argue at least half of their catalog would fit in this category. For every Escape From Noise or Sex Dirt, you have a Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak or Willsaphone Stupid Show.

Not to say these less-than-musical albums can’t be interesting or even entertaining. I can listen to the Richard Lyons-centric OTE albums over and over again. He portrayed his various personalities with such earnestness and skill that if I wasn’t In on the Joke, I would totally believe that Pastor Dick was a real person that struggled over the ethics of accepting a donation of a Dodge Demon since it was promoting Satanism as an example.

As huge of a fan as I am of Negativland, most of their albums sit squarely in the “unchecked” realm in iTunes and don’t get played regularly since I need to be in a specific mood to listen to a specific album.


One final thought. I absolutely adore the irony here of how they are transforming the remains of one of their members into a collectible item especially given their staunch anti-consumerism. I actually laughed at the video with the, “Ooh! A big bone fragment! I wonder what that was!” This is definitely consistent with their long tradition of dark humor and irony. I can imagine Joyce having a good laugh at this.

It only makes me sad that I can’t hear Crosley Bendix’s take on this.


Mine didn’t have any lawn detritus. I haven’t had the bumper sticker since 1993 when I got rid of that particular car*, but I kept the backing paper so it would still make an “N.”

*Much in the same way I haven’t had the “Car Bomb” sticker since I got rid of that car.


It’s been the same ever since Beatlemania. You think you’re getting a band member’s ashes, but really it’ll be the ashes of some kid in the marketing department.


Oooooh yeah you got that one right. I kinda overlistened to “the letter U and the numeral 2” and now the slightest convergence with reality will set off that earworm something fierce. ("… a little dog… named… ‘Snuggles’…)

Do you have your own radio show, or something public-ish audio show I can listen to from afar? Your depth of knowledge about noise-music (that’s my term, I dunno what the real phrase is) strikes me as unusual and varied.

I remember reading an interview with Laurie Anderson in the 1990s, and she was asked to categorize her own music. She called it “difficult listening” as opposed to Muzak, I guess. But lady, you have no idea…