Negativland's next album comes with a baggie of Don Joyce's cremains


It went away on the guitar case for my first Alvarez acoustic 6 string guitar, along with an impressive collection of meat inspection stickers. I think.

Ha! :+1:


So sit bolt upright in that straightback chair
Button that top button
And get ready for some


I would say they fit squarely in the experimental genre more than noise (which is a real genre and not one I’m too keen on - it’s always struck me as being way too serious and far up it’s own ass for my liking).

I definitely have eclectic music tastes and I’ve been a fan of Negativland since my teen years. I also feel a special connection to them since I grew up in Contra Costa County. No podcast or anything to share; I don’t have a very good “radio voice” and get very self conscious about hearing myself speak.

I’m always happy to talk music and make recommendations though!


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