Kidd Video and the Flipside


Ahh, yes . . .


Why is it the vast majority of older TV stuff on Youtube is stuck in 240 hell and looks like it was originally compressed with something like Cinepak in the mid 90s… I mean I’ve got some stuff on VHS I’d love to rip off, but I’ve got to find an old VCR that tracks well enough on LP mode…(and the time to do it…SO LITTLE TIME.)

If it makes you feel any better: those words never made sense to me until I thought about them just now. And I’m 35 years old.


Wow, how did I ever miss such an awful TV show?

I’m 45 and I know those terms, but until now never knew the origin.

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You were clearly not trying hard enough.

Loved it when I was young, and became re-obsessed sometime in the mid-2000s when I came across this:
Video Romeo 4eva

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Hot diggity! I remember that one!

Wasn’t it primarily a vehicle for presenting live-action music videos, though? I remember constantly getting bored with the music videos and wishing they would just get back to the cartoon, and probably stopped watching entirely soon enough, particularly since 11:30 was not a prime Saturday morning cartoon slot. (Therein lurked the likes of CBS Storybreak.)

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Future generations will know everything about the 80s and 90s forever because my generation will never shut up about it.


“Back when I was yer age . . . we din’ have no fancy online music. We had platters and rolls of tape!”

Kind of. It was actually a hybrid. I remember wanting to watch it because it was animated by DIC in an anime-like style. The show was in the same vein as the D&D cartoon mixed with the Monkees TV show…kids from our world trapped in fantasy world, this one being heavily influenced by MTv. The conceit of the series is that ‘Master Blaster’ has kidnapped them to put them in videos for his own profit, they escape and then often distract the bad guys by playing contemporary music videos. Then at the end of each episode, the actors portray themselves doing one of their own songs.

I was stunned to see that according to wikipedia, it went two seasons.

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I remember loving this show with all my young heart! The cartoon does NOT hold up well, but I seem to remember enjoying the music and the videos. Off to see if I can find those somewhere…

Aaaannnd I’m back… NOPE. So cheesy I doubt any would even be good enough for the GTA III soundtrack.

Another cherished childhood memory shattered…

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Thank you for taking the bullet. I was curious if it was still good as well.

And Max Headroom will live on FOREVER to keep sharing.

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My wife still wants a Master Blaster chair for her office.

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