Beavis and Butt-head are coming back

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But how are they going to criticize the music videos that MTV doesn’t play anymore?

This is also an issue with trying to find the old episodes. The rights to the music were separate from the animation so often old collections have to cut out the music video segments.


yeah I came here to say this. Loved B&B back in the day, but it was their commentary on the videos that really made the concept for me.


Man, they are all grown-up!


And “seminal!”


Based on current events, I would think they never left.


For the 2011 edition they criticized Jersey Shore and crap. It actually worked really well.


Beavis and Butt-head?
Nice, but Mike Judge by now should have enough material to make a few seasons of an Idiocracy TV series.


Hm, I don´t know.
This could either work absolutely brilliant or be completely crap. There is no inbetween.
I of course loved Beavis and Butt-head back in the day, being a dumb teenager listening to punk and metal myself.


I’ve started binge watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, which to me is reminiscent of what a live action Beavis & Butt-head would be like.


I desperately and dearly love Trailer Park Boys.

I’m suprised people more “proper” than me like it too.
I think the same of Beavis & Butthead- I liked it when it was on.

Something about really stupid humor- at some point, you shut off your offended mechanisms and just laugh your ass off even though it’s people being dumb af.


This just feels incredibly redundant, given what reality - and American conservatism - is like these days.

I see it’s on Comedy Central, but this made me wonder if MTV even still existed - looking it up, I’m surprised to find it does. I have no idea what the programming is anymore. Reality shows?


Au contraire!

I’m done with stupid.

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I’m really struggling to think why this is a good idea. If they’re setting the show in current times and the main characters are Gen Z teens i’m not sure Mike Judge would know enough about the generation to speak to them in a funny way he did back when this show originally ran with its key audience at the time. If he wants to poke fun at Gen Z, i mean i guess sure but not something i’m dying to watch. Their humor was very much of its time and i’m not sure this is going to translate well.


The new series should be renamed Beavis, Butthead & Donald" and have a character with orange skin added.


Same. Mrs. Ficus hates South Park, The Office, Dumb & Dumber, Jackass, and other shows/movies in the “dumb humor” vein. Yet, she enjoys B&B and TPB. I honestly didn’t think she’d like TPB at all, but she’s been enjoying it with me.

Maybe it’s just something about how the “stupid” on these shows is played completely straight? There no winks to the audience to break the fourth wall or anything like that. I’m not really sure but it’s something I’ve tried to reconcile.


a pox on our culture. sigh.

I must be one of the only Gen X members who didn’t really care for B&B. Like Dumb and Dumber, I just don’t find comedy in downright stupid main characters. But for those of you who do, here’s hoping the do it justice for a new gen.

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The important question is whether they’re old enough to run for president and vp against trump and biden.

Because they’re probably a better choice than either of the above. Even if they are fictional characters.

I have a theory, and it might be crazy, but hear me out. Beavis and Butthead was for us on the surface, becuase we could identify with the characters.

But, it was actually for our parents.

I remember just how embarrassing it was to watch B&B with them, because THEY knew that Judge was making fun OF their ridiculous offspring.

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