So, I finally watched Bill and Ted's moderately enjoyable adventure

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Good point, the daughters not only talked like them but also copied mannerisms. One one hand it is fun to see the apple fall not to far from the tree, but in reality offspring usually relish finding their own personalities.

At the time I just wrote it off as me getting old.


No Oscar winner true enough, but it had some laughs.


For me I enjoyed the fan service, and the timing during the pandemic was a great distraction.


Fully agreed. I watched it and got exactly what I expected - a slightly modernized unapologetic sequel. Anyone looking for Oscar quality from B&T are deluding themselves. Even the second movie mocks itself, what else could the third one do?

On my third or so watching of it, I became heavily amused at the multiple time jokes in the movie. Basically, every time that time itself is mentioned, it is correct. When they say they have 15 minutes to make it work, the final song happens 15 minutes later. A few times they mention they only have X time left, which is the remaining runtime/pre-event time. That’s some nice editing work.

The thing I liked least about the movie was Kid Cudi or whatever. I don’t know who he is, not sure why he needed to be in, and he felt forced.


Yup. Pie chart decision to appeal to the young folks.


I went in expecting it to be horrible, and it was… not horrible. It just kind of WAS, and then I mostly forgot about it. It didn’t seem to carry the same spirit of hope and fun as the originals, which is something badly needed in these times- it’s like they tried, but weren’t feeling it any more than the rest of us, and it showed. Though the appearance of the ludicrously muscular prison Bill & Ted did get a laugh out of me.


He’s been a top-selling musician since the mid-2000s. Most of his fans are probably in their 30s. He’s been acting for nearly a decade and has an IMDB credits list as long as my arm.


Get off my lawn




So I checked IMDB…he has 15 “movies” listed, only 4 were released in theatres, all of which were critical flops. Most of them are short films at best, with multiple clocking in at 10 minutes. Pixar makes shorts longer than that.

It was a hook for younger folks than older like me who grew up watching the first B&T in a theatre. And that’s fine, I guess. Who knows, he might be a friend of Keanu and that’s why he was in.

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Compared to its amusing predecessors - “Face the Music” sucked

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It’s not a bad thing that B&T had to wedge Kid in the movie, it’s how the entertainment industry works.

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