Most excellent: Third 'Bill & Ted' flick in the works


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Won’t be the same without Rufus :frowning:


while I am excited for this, I find one of my biggest worries is that they’ll make the special effects too good, too polished. basically I fear that the modern age will squeeze the delightful, cheesy, low budget filling of the first two right out of this one.

that said, excellent! [air-guitar riff]


I’m sure Bono is pissed the future didn’t come calling for his expertise.

He’s been trying to save the world since about 1985.


"There’s actually a scene – one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie – where middle-aged, 50-year-old Bill and Ted return to the Circle K

Academy Award guaranteed!


There is no possible way this will be good.

But maybe…


But neither were the first two.

What’s important is that the new one is bad in exactly the same way.





The first two were very smart, clever movies pretending to be idiotic, and I trust that the third one will be, as well. Most excellent!





The first one actually contains my favourite time travel scene. It’s when they are breaking the historical figures out of jail and they realize that they can basically just make anything happen by making a mental note to take care of it later. I really like it when time travel stories point out of utter absurdity of time travel.


Yep, I believe earlier they said they’ll address the absence of Rufus in film. It’ll be interesting how they handle it considering all things.


Ah, the Ted’s Dad’s Keys Gambit - a classic time travel trope


Trash can! Remember the trash can!

Wyld Stallions Rule!


My money’s on them using a CGI Carlin.


Natalie Portmanyes


I predict a Terminator Genisys situation in which they go back in time to interact with the younger versions of themselves from the first movie.


Thank you for a genuine LoL.


“… a visitor from the future warns our heroes that only their song can save life as we know it.”


I know he was just hired on as Bill, but this is also the theme of the movies that Alex Winter makes and stars in for himself. It is present in his school film Squeal of Death and arguably is what killed Freaked—simultaneously too smart and stupid for Hollywood to market it. (I’m told he makes documentaries now, though.)

Dug this out of the shoebox. Me as a highschool freshman in my bedroom, cold chillin with my buds.
there exists another take that is actually in focus but I couldn’t find it in that stack.