'Bill and Ted 3' may film next year


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So say we all.

Maybe while they’re at it they can drag Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd out of retirement to explain where my goddamn hoverboard is.



They’ve lied to me before, I can’t trust them any longer…


Maybe they actually DID make Bill and Ted 3, but their first attempt turned out so bad that they had to go back and change the timeline to prevent it.


Let me ponder that while I take my Smokey McPot break.


Really, of all the things from the future, you want a device that is another more complicated way of breaking a limb?

Where is my mini lightsaber for cutting bread and making toast at the same time?

Where’s my talking robot dog that only navigate flat surfaces with a Scots accent and a beam that it fires?

Where are the giant ants?

Where are the giant overlords?

Where’s the shiny robot yelling "Fish, and plankton. And sea greens, and protein from the sea. It’s all here, ready. Fresh as harvest day. Fish and sea greens, plankton and protein from the sea. "

Why isn’t there a drone hunting season?

Where is my jetpack, and can my neighbor shoot my annoying loud jetpacked arse down?

There are so many things from the feature we need before another way to break a limb! Please, help me, the Ant Overlords made me type…I obey.



Failed UL approval.

In the 1970’s.

Monsanto’s got them in a secret lab.

Is Trump not rotund enough as it is?

Check Amazon.

Yeah, damn hippies won’t let me shoot eagles neither!

Again, check Amazon. And no. He’s a lousy shot.

Get your priorities straight. Happiness will follow.


We call that automation and efficiency.


Oh good, so we get to watch middle-aged men shouting, "Tubular! Gnarly!

You know what Hollywood needs? More sequels!


The threequel, which will see a middle-aged Bill Preston and Ted Logan trying to figure out why the future they were promised has still not happened.

I’m intrigued by the prospect of a directionless, unemployed Death idly drinking beer and trying to find his motivation. But I’m sure the subject has been done to de^H^H^H^H^H repeatedly in fan fiction by now.

the project is still moving forward a the same pace as it was.

Well, that’s easily interpreted.


the older we get the funnier it gets.

Narrator: It doesn’t.


I’m still waiting for “SEQUEL! The Sequel”


truly these are the end times

EDIT: for a moment I thought this was the Seth MacFarlane thing with the talking teddy bear


Do people still know what a phone booth is?


Yea, it’s where Captain America gets his porn, right?


Nah it’s where Superman changes outfits.


I just recently - like a month ago - threw out the cassette tape of Bonk by Big Pig that the studio gave me so I could hear the song Breakaway when I was working on the design for the main titles for the movie.


Must you do that right now?


I heard you like sequels, so I made a sequel for your uh… wait, no, not going there, fuck it. :no_mouth: