Bill and Ted may be heading to the UK


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shh shh shhh. it’s ok. let it go. just let it go. the magic died decades ago. it’s ok to let it stay there.


Its a time travel story, it can’t stay in the past.


Bill and Ted appear on Wayne and Garth’s show, and warn Keanu not to do Speed 2.


Aren’t they getting a little long in the tooth?


If Alex Winter (Bill) is at the helm, then this could be really awesome. He did the really creative and funny Hideous Mutant Freaks and his student film Squeal of Death is likewise creative and hilarious


Holy crescent rolls! I love Freaked but I’ve never seen “Squeal of Death”, thank you.


Night Flight ftw!


In my teens Night Flight was one of the my first windows to a bigger world beyond the little town I grew up in. That and away swim meets. I’d look for the one weird kid on each of the other teams, and then we would go through each others cassette carriers writing down band names playing select tracks. (Throws cassette head cleaning solution bottle at Kids-These-Days /)

If you're too young to remember the magic of Tower Records, here's what you missed

It could play up that angle though – Bill and Ted could be shown having had to give up their dream of being Wyld Stallyns in order to be responsible adults and somebody from the “excellent” future could remind these middle-aged guys of their youthful enthusiasm.


Sweet! Free screen cleaner!


Apologies for the inconsistent font, I didn’t assemble the images.


Bill and Ted were already in olde England, that’s where they met and swiped the princesses. I don’t mind them coming back but please don’t use the London Eye ferris wheel or the Docklands Light Railway as a feature, they are not interesting set pieces but Tinseltown seems to like them.

I am looking forward to this film, but how will it work without Rufus? Will they Tupac him in afterwards?


And git off ma lawn!

(Tosses a beer because it too nice out in Seattle today to stay mad for longer than 10 seconds. /)



Somehow in my misspent youth, I never saw these movies. But I caught part of …Bogus Journey the other night on tv. It was goofy, but fun. So I’m in.


certain scenes, like the mall scene in Excellent Adventure, are still fun. But I remember these movies being better when I was 14. However, if Winter is making the new movie rather than only acting in it, then it could well surpass the originals.

there was also a few seasons of a cartoon show that was fairly decent. I like that it got referenced randomly at the beginning of this Trigger tha Gambler single from '96 (just after the singing)


All I can remember about the cartoon of Bill and Ted was the totally rad and gnarly theme tune.

Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures, it’s a party, that’s for sure!
Bill and Te-hed’s excellent adventures!
Wyld Stallions!



I believe the working title was Bill and Ted Turn 50.


Too late!