Most excellent: Third 'Bill & Ted' flick in the works

I’m reminded of my favorite Four Word Film Review for The Lost Boys:

Bill S. Preston, Vampire


I’ve heard tell that the spec script is quite good.


Station. <3


Part of me is excited for this, because I love the originals, but the other part of me, the bigger part, is sick and fucking tired of all the goddman reboots, remakes, years late sequels, etc.

If you don’t have a new idea, move the hell on. I’m done.


I’m pulling for an epic plot where they have to go back in time to save Rufus from failing high school, and they are his last ditch presentation, because he was too busy writing the music to save the universe.

I’ve probably thought too much about this.

I also support the idea of Whoopi Goldberg as Rufus.

From last year:


For what it’s worth, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been talking about a third Bill & Ted movie for over a decade, having planned to do an “older Bill & Ted” film for a long time, but rejecting multiple scripts for not being good enough. I’m completely OK with more stories being told about characters people enjoy. But I guess you’re done?




Imagine what a little jerk with a perfect life Deacon has grown up to be.

I should note that my final statements were out of personal frustration with media, and not directed and Mr. Reeves and Mr. Winters specifically. I’m tired of having to sort through the hundreds of quick cash grab “safe” franchise movies for a few gems that reworked a story/moved characters forward. This is also combined with general frustration of tons of 80s and 90s nostalgia being thrown at me constantly purely for the sake of marketing. Obviously, I should be breathing and considering what I post on the internet, but everyone has their days.

That said, thank you for filling me in on that above, as I hadn’t really seen the years of attempts mentioned as much when I’ve seen anything about this. I hope this turns out good and is successful, both because I loved the originals, and it sounds like the creators are truly putting the work into this one. Even better if it spurs more of that kind of effort in the future when going for an existing story or set of characters. I think this is one of those times I really want to be proven wrong.


God gave rock and roll to you,

gave rock and roll to you

Gave rock and roll to everyone


I thought that about Clerks 2 returning to them now that they’re older and, personally, I think it wound up being Kevin Smith’s best movie.

I hope this goes well too!

That would be fun!

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So, basically, The Incredibles™ with Air Guitar™ then?


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