Did BBC Sounds host Mary Ann Hobbs uncover a new clue in David Bowie's Black Star?

And found the Easter Bunny.

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This was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music, as other’s have pointed out BBC Sounds is aunty Beeb’s radio/podcast/listen again app/website. Oh, and her name is spelt Mary Anne Hobbs.
She’s on air as I write this, and I’m pretty sure the live broadcast is not geo-blocked. In my opinion she’s the best DJ on a station already rich with fantastic DJs (Iggy Pop has a show), but I’m probably biased because I’ve been listening to her since she was hosting The Brezeblock on Radio 1 20+ years ago.


Leonora Carrington was a fine writer & even better painter: an English debutante who painted herself as a hyena, ran away to Paris with Max Ernst, was confined in an asylum after WWII, escaped to England in a submarine with her childhood nanny, & ended up living many years in Mexico City where she made up pranks with her pal, the equally-great surrealist painter Remedios Varo. Carrington’s best books are The Hearing Trumpet & Down Below.


I’ve listened to it. But I’m in the same boat with my Vinyl copy. It’s still wrapped up and I doubt I’ll ever open it. I’m not ready to.

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