New York Times print: "It's a good time to be David Bowie"


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Saw that. Got teary. I guess the show will now be a memorial service. Gotta assume one reason he kept his illness secret was for his swan song album to be received on it’s own merits, without sentiment. What an artist, I’ve spent the day listening to him. Heard a reviewer not long ago argue he was the most influential living artist in modern music. Certainly the 80’s could not have happened without him, Joy Division and Kraftwerk.


Did you know that Bowie wanted to work with Kraftwerk and they turned him down?


One last laugh at old media from an internet pioneer.


He has a show called “Lazarus”? Now that would make for an epic 2016:


It’s ALWAYS a good time to be David Bowie.


I wanna be Bob Dylan. (Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky.)


Perhaps the Grey Lady knows something about the afterlife the rest of us don’t.


I think they mean that if there’s a rock and roll heaven they sure must have a hell of a band leader.


Did not know that! Was that before or after they referenced him in Trans-Europe Express?

[quote]From station to station back to Dusseldorf City
Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie[/quote]


WP says between Kraftwerks’s Radio-Activity and Bowie’s Station to Station tour. This article about Kraftwerk’s influence is interesting.

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